Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It was 9:30pm. Everyone was asleep. Out.Cold. Snoring.
The telephone rang.
We were so asleep we didn't know what was making that awful ringing sound.
I figured it out first and said, "I think it's the phone".

FYI - Mr. Bug leaves the house at 4:45am. He goes to bed at 9 and is asleep by 9:05.

Where I come from, you NEVER EVER call anyone after 9. It is inappropriate, selfish, and rude.
I don't even call my own mother after 9 unless I email or IM her first and ask if I can call.
Grandpa Bug goes to bed early, too. I don't want to wake him up. Besides, it is impolite to call after 9.

Needless to say, the phone woke Mr. Bug out of a dead sleep.
Mr. Bug was NOT happy. Who wee was he mad! He has a huge presentation today. He definitely needed his sleep.
(I was pretty upset myself. I had been off in dreamland...)

It was the ballet instructor checking on last minute items for the NYC trip. Do you think that she might have been able to call me in the morning? I am up early. Do you think that maybe she could have called me at 8pm or any time earlier in the day? There were no ballet classes scheduled this week... She may have been busy, but... really now... We aren't leaving until Wednesday morning. I have told her before not to call after 9. Alas, she didn't listen or didn't check the clock or... whatever.

At 9:33 I finished the call. The damage had been done. Mr. Bug couldn't sleep.
He unplugged the bedroom phone. (I think I will remove it from the bedroom permanently.)
My sweet Mr. Bug had a really hard time falling back to sleep.
4:30 came mighty quick!!

Poor Mr. Bug...
Maybe we should give the ballet teacher a call now... it's 5:15. Think she's up?


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Here, Here! Call that teacher. I never call people after nine either.

When I was studying for the bar exam all I did was just that, study like a maniac. I would be up until REALLY late studying my little heart out and sure enough somebody would feel the need to call me around 6:30am all the time.

My daughter actually has an elementary school friend that calls over here all the time after 9. Its ridiculous.

Melzie said...

I surely would call her back. I've done that to people who call us. I don't want ANY phone calls after 8pm. None. Unless someone is dying that I need to go home. I would still be infuriated. You should give her a morning wake up call. Yup, you should.

Susan said...

That makes me CRAZY!!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ said...

Ooooh! Do I agree with you and we are even late night people. I was taught too, never call after 9 pm, unless you truly know the person and KNOW they are up late (and even then you better think twice!) We have an ad in the paper, and someone called us just a few days ago and it was going on ten pm! GRRR! It just scares me - like who died?

YES! I think you should call her back! :)

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