Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thankful Thursday 13

Thirteen Things on LadyBug's Mind Today

1. Mr. Bug is off to visit a friend who is dying of melanoma. We are thankful that this friend hasn't suffered too much. If you have a mole, and it looks funny, please have it checked - don't pretend it is nothing!!! Do it for the LadyBug.

2. We have a memorial service for an elderly gentleman on Saturday. He lived a full life and has gone back to medical school.

3. When I kick the bucket, I'm going to medical school. It's the only way I'm getting in!!

4. #1 Son is the crucifer for that service. What an honor!!

5. We are thankful that the house is almost closed in. It looks beautiful.

6. We are thankful that the septic guys didn't turn off our flushing capabilities while they install the new system.

7. I was at ballet the other night when a woman came in and told us we can't park on the street. There aren't any No Parking signs. I am thankful she left before I lost my temper. I did NOT move my car!

8. I think the ballet instructor was upset with me because I refused to move my car.

9. I don't dig my heels in for much, but I wasn't moving my car because some old bitty didn't like it parked there. When the county puts up a sign, I won't park there...

10. The trees are blooming here. The dogwood is ready to pop!!

11. I think I made some really nice friends in the past year.

12. Two of my dear friends are moving into beautiful homes this spring/summer. I am so pleased for both of them. I do hope they remember that we will help them move - if they feed us.

13. Life is short. Enjoy it!

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Melzie said...

You take ballet?! I want to take it!! how long have you been doing that? Did you start as an adult? It's something I've always wanted to do.... :)

Jane said...

Love it girl. I agree, if there is no sign saying you can't park then what's the problem!

My list is up!

Strong Enough said...

HUGS to mr bug!

Anonymous said...

No signs? Then park there as much as you like! Some people just want to be PITAS!

Everything is starting to bloom here, too. I'm loving it!

Mine are up.

Katherine said...

So sorry about your friend. I'm jealous everything is blooming there - hopefully I'll be there this time next year to see it! Good for you for not moving your car - I wouldn't have either. If she wasn't the police then she doesn't get to tell anybody to move their car.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for digging your heels in - if you're not doing anything wrong then people need to back off!

You take ballet lessons? How cool is that??

Mine are up.

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. But your house seems to be coming along really great!

Anonymous said...

great list! mine is up!

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey babe, you sound a little stress with all those activities going on. I was thrilled when my daughters were "temple prostitudes" in the Easter padgent! The house looks marvelous!

Leanne said...

What an awesome house! It's really come a long way in such a short amount of time - I need your contractors!!!

I am sorry about your friend with melanoma. I have a mole that freaks me out and I get it checked every year at my physical. It still creeps me out.


Colleen Pidge said...

I love dogwood blossoms. I'm glad your house is closed in too.

Susan said...

Tell your friend that I am praying for him. By dh's best friend was diagnosed five years ago with stage 4 melanoma and given a few months to live....he's still here today. Doctors don't understand it..but we believe it's a miracle!!!

Just Nancy said...

Nice list. I'm sorry about your friend, though. The house looks great.

My list is up.

Anonymous said...

I sooo agree with #13 and hope that every one have that words in their hearts and minds.

My TT (my second) is not that good, next one I'm getting the "hang of it" I hope :-)

Jennifer said...

i enjoy watching the progress on the house! i agree.. life it too short! live it to it's fullest!

Uisce said...

If you don't park there, someone else surely will!

Anonymous said...

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