Monday, March 04, 2019

The Red Dot

I currently have Mini’s cousins visiting here at The Crossing while their mom is away on business. They are adjusting to each other.  Mini seems to really enjoy her time with Mischief as long as he stays away from her bowl, her potty, and her bed. (I can understand the potty thing - she doesn’t want any boys messing up her throne!) Leo still has to earn her respect and since he is still a bit skittish, that might take a little longer.
Tonight we all had a real treat - chicken - there’s nothing wong with a little white meat among felines.
After dinner, they like to gather around by the wood stove and chase the red dot.

They take turns. It’s a very civil game of chase the dot. There’s no growling or trying to take over. I find it fascinating!
Once they are all tired out, they lounge in their specific spots and enjoy the warmth emanating from the stove. Mini to the right (half on and half off the rug), Mischief right in front where it’s warmest, and Leo on the rug in the hall.  It’s peaceful and I believe could get used to a multi cat household again... although, I think Mini might have something to say about that. 😸