Friday, March 31, 2006

Perfect Post Award #2

Sometimes as you surf your favorite blogs, you happen upon a post that rocks your world. Maybe you laugh until your sides hurt. Maybe you cry. Maybe you find yourself thinking about it for days afterward. You want to share the post with everyone you know- but how?

MommaK of Petroville and Lucinda of Suburban Turmoil have been thinking about this and they've gathered some friends together to launch the Perfect Post Awards.

On the first day of each month, all participants will give out the award to their favorite post written by another blogger during the preceding month. The "winners" will receive a cool Perfect Post button for that month that they can put on their sites if they wish. MommaK and Lucinda will link on each award day to everyone who's giving out a Perfect Post award.

This is a chance to read some of the best stuff written each month- and to spread a little warm fuzziness, too. If you'd like to present an award yourself next month, e-mail Lucinda or MommaK and they'll send you the latest award button code a few days before May 1st, so that you can participate, too!

I have decided to award another Perfect Post this month. I have been reading this girl for months now and she is hysterical!! She can make me laugh so hard I spew water from my nose. It takes quite a lot to do that, you know.

My Perfect Post Award goes to....
Kim at I Wasn't Always Like This
My favorite post this month was This one

Please stop by, wish her well, and tell her Ladybug sent you.


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yet Another Update...

See this?
I came around the corner of the house to take some pictures of the septic tanks going in the ground and such and I caught this guy taking a leak in my dirt... He was so flustered... I really didn't see anything, I just saw him frantically zipping his fly. I had to chuckle to myself... I have a bright blue porta potty around the other side of the house... Did he not see it? Is he BLIND?? He ran over to his fellow septic installer and told him what happened. How do I know this? Men are NOT quiet when they talk about such things. I almost busted a gut trying not to laugh!!

I figured I'd torture the poor soul a little more, so I hung around and took more pictures. Then I made him explain how the new septic system works. I really played stupid just to make him talk to me... Heck, if he used the potty like everyone else, I wouldn't have to torment him, would I??

Anyway, things are moving along faster than I can keep up with at the moment...

New septic tanks delivered and put in the ground...

The sunroom is up and has been attached to the house...

Check out the West Wing now!!

Yes, that is the sun coming up this morning - it was early early when I took this picture!!

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things About Me

Either actually... although I would love a diamond eternity band...

Nanny McPhee - it was terrific!!

CSI - you'll find me curled up on the couch with a Corona on Thursday nights - do NOT disturb me while I'm watching...


peas - eeewww

Black and pink to wear... blue for other stuff

Honda CRV - 2002

Out with friends - Anything good.
Home alone - Fried egg sandwich on toast

Dishonesty, greed, cattiness

Men's Diving, Ice Skating, Swimming



Watching my children do what they enjoy...

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

#1 Son - all dressed up with his hair combed... I almost don't recognize him...
He was off to the Ball this past Sunday evening.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


They poured the garage floor yesterday. I did graffiti the date and my parents' initials. My choices for the location of the graffiti were very limited, so I chose a spot that my mom could cover up with a planter. My handwriting is not the best and printing with a nail in stiff cement makes my handwriting... how can I say this nicely... ummm - yucky. I did my very best and it doesn't look too bad...

I spent the whole day outside. I purchased 20 bags of mulch and proceeded to mulch the gardens in front of the house. I did 15 bags all by myself. They weigh 85 lbs a piece and by the time I got to #15 they felt like they weighed about 150lbs each... Mr. Bug helped me finish after dinner. It is much easier to do the spreading if someone else is lifting and pouring... My front yard now looks presentable. I am still looking for something to cover the phone thingy in my front yard... I originally considered a wishing well... They are very expensive and I'd need the largest one, of course. I may consider a plastic rock.

Mr. Bug tells me that when I get a chore like mulching in my head, I become a machine. Yesterday I was a machine. Today I am a creaky old woman. My body is screaming at me - I found muscles I forgot I had... I think a large dosage of ibuprofen might help.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About Little LadyBug's First Ice Skating Lesson?

I saw a notice in the paper for ice skating lessons during the mornings. Little LadyBug was in afternoon kindergarden and I was looking for an activity to entertain her for one morning a week. I took her to the skate shop and purchased a beginner pair of ice skates for $50. (Little did I know that that $50 pair of skates would be the least expensive part of this whole adventure.)

I dressed her in layers - tights and then leggings and then her turtleneck, fleece, and coat. I thought she might freeze. HA!

We arrived at the rink. I put her skates on and her helmet. She looked adorable.

The kids took the ice. They each grabbed a double stacked milk crate to help with their balance. Little LadyBug watched and said little. She grabbed her milk crate. She took two pushes and slid the milk crate to the next kid in line. I knew at that moment my life was going to be filled with hours at the rink. She skated over to the teacher. The teacher asked her if she had ever skated before.
"No. This is my first time. I like it."
The teacher showed her how to stop. Little Ladybug had that down in a matter of seconds. The teacher showed her a few other things. Little Ladybug mastered them. Little Ladybug took to ice skating like a fish takes to water. It was really cool!

I spent the next 4 years at the rink -- at many rinks. Little Ladybug loved every minute on the ice -- I loved every minute watching her. She was working on her Axel when she stopped skating. Someday, if we ever get a rink out here, she'll skate again and she'll land her axel.


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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Saturday Recap

Ok - we survived the first half of the weekend.

Friday evening we had the Art Show. Little LadyBug had a woodpecker she had drawn in art in the show. It took us forever to find it, but when we did, it was definitely worth the search. I know - you want to see a picture... I only brought my still camera with me to the show... You'll have to wait until I get my pictures back from Walmart...

#1 Son played his sax with the Middle School Band the same evening. He did a great job! I love to hear him play!

#1 Son had to be back at the High School at 8:45am yesterday for the Tri County Band. He was stuck there until his concert at 2:00.

Little LadyBug's dance show was last night. Her rehearsal was at 3:30. I curled her hair while she ate her lunch. Then, we packed up the car for an afternoon and evening in town. We arrived at the high school at 1 - just in time to give #1 Son his white dress shirt for the concert. The concert was terrific! I discovered that #1 Son was first chair!! He didn't even tell me! I knew he played well! Good thing I'm not a "stage mother"!!

From the concert we headed off for Little LadyBug's dress rehearsal. We did dinner at McDo's and then Mr. Bug, #1 Son and myself hit Walmart for a few lasst minute things for the production - batteries for the microphones, safety pins, a black marker...

The show was supberb! I know.. you want pictures... again - you'll have to wait..

Today Little LadyBug is off to a ballet conference. She called at lunch time and told me she did a swing class and a ballet class. She is having a marvelous time!

#1 Son will be getting ready for his ball this afternoon.. Mr. GQ in his tux... A picture? hmm... I'll see what I can do.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Chim Chimney, Chim Chimney, Chim Chim Cheroo

The GrandBugs got a chimney! I know... whoopy do.
This is the view from up back. Notice the roof rafters...

If you look through the scaffolding you can see the opening for the gas fireplace. There's nothing better than flipping a switch to light your fireplace... I should know. I can't do that.
The garage is ready for its concrete floor on Monday. I hope I'm home when they do the floor so I can graffiti the date on it.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Looky Looky!!

They worked really hard on Thursday!!
This is the garage on the left and den/stairwell area on the left. This is the view as I come up my driveway.

This is looking through the garage window to the doorway and the rest of the house. You can't see much, but I liked the picture so you get to see it.

This is the view from the back yard. The West Wing is visible... Isn't this just soo cool?!?!

This is another view of the front. They are starting rafters on the West Wing tomorrow... I can't wait to see what it looks like!!


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things About Our Trip to the Orthopaedist

Little LadyBug had an appointment with the Orthopaedist at Children's Hospital this week. It was a final check up for a little something not serious at all.

1. What should have been a 45 min. ride to CH was 1hr and 15 min. I had planned for that.

2. When they confirmed the appointment, they said it was at 9:30am. I arrived at 9 prepared to wait 30 min.

3. At 10:15, we were still waiting...

4. I asked the nurse how much longer. She told me that if my appointment was at 9:30, then there was one person in front of me.

5. She came out to the waiting room a few minutes later and said, "Mum, your appointment is at 9:45 not 9:30. (Like I'm stupid??) So, now you have 2 people in front of you." I said, "Okay... so how much longer? How behind is she running?" I got no answer to my question.

6. I watched them call 2 more people. I should be next... I watched the nurse hand a file to another woman and tell her to call this patient because she was making me wait. Now, if I had been rude or obnoxious... maybe... but I had been extremely nice. My mother is a medical professional and I certainly don't want to insult her profession...

7. At 11, they took us for the xray... Do you see a discrepancy between the scheduled time and the time they took us?

8. Right after the 2 min. for the xray the tech brought us to an exam room - it was occupied... he tried another... same thing... he finally put us in the casting room.

9. We waited another 25 min. We played "thumb war". We listened to a baby cry in the next room... for the full 25 min. Was I agitated? Ummm... YUP!

10. The doctor came in and asked how we were today. I said, "I've been here since 9 for a 9:30 appointment. It is almost 11:30. I am not too happy." No appology from the doctor.

11. The doctor checked out the xray and Little LadyBug's back. All is fine. She is free to go.

12. The doctor asks if we have any questions. I say I don't. Little LadyBug pipes up, "I do. I have a question. I want to know why you made me wait so long." I love that kid!!! The doctor gave the lame excuse that she gets backed up sometimes. Little LadyBug's response, "hm, really?"

13. We marched out! The drive back took 45 min and that included a stop to drop the Little LadyBug at school.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

It's starting to look like a house!!
The west wing....

The view from the driveway...

I try to be wordless - I just can't keep quiet sometimes...

The glue? What's the glue for? They put glue on every floor joist and then put the plywood down and nailed through it. Fewer squeeks??


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Construction Update

This is how it looked when I rolled in at 5:15 yesterday afteroon. We have floors and a couple of walls.

This is a view from the back yard.

See the black pipe - that's my water main...

See the wood on the floor? That's the next wall all laid out and ready to be assembled. How cool is that??


100 Things

I can't believe this is my 100th post!! Here's my list of 100 things about me... I knew you'd all be thrilled to read it...

1. I am originally from New England.

2. I have one sister - Auntie Bug.

3. My parents have been married for almost 50 years.

4. I met my husband at a softball game.

5. I don't play softball. I watch softball. Ok, I don't watch very well either... I like to chat through the games...

6. We got married in December, 1989.

7. We renewed our vows in December, 1999.

8. We might do it again in 2009.

6. I have two children. And yes, I adore them.

7. I play handbells.

8. I direct a middle school handbell choir at a local private school. I love it!

9. I played flute and trombone in high school.

10. I have two cats.

11. I have a Mac. Once you go Mac, you'll never go back!!

12. I volunteer at our local library once a week. Ok, I try to get there once a week, but sometimes I just don't make it.

13. I volunteer at Little LadyBug's school library once a week.

14. I used to work at a public library. FYI - Librarians are fun. The stereotype is incorrect.

15. I went to college in PA.

16. I went to graduate school in MA

17. I have an MEd.

18. I am 3 credits away from an MBA. I don't care if I ever finish it.

19. I love to read.

20. I love to play scrabble.

21. I love to watch Little LadyBug ice skate.

22. I love to watch Little LadyBug dance.

23. I love to listen to #1 Son play the saxophone.

24. I love to listen to #1 Son play the piano.

25. I love to listen to my children playing... they have the best imaginations.

26. I don't like to garden.

27. If I plant something, it will die.

28. I can prune bushes very well. I can pull them out of the ground with the car very well, too.

29. I have never driven our lawn tractor. I don't want to drive the lawn tractor. If I drive it, I can mow. I don't want to mow.

30. I built our firepit with my parents last fall. I'm ready for spring nights so we can light a fire and roast marshmallows.

31. I love to roast marshmallows, I just don't like to eat more than one.

32. I need to decorate our master bedroom. It has ugly '80's blue wall paper and blue trim. If I wait long enough, it will all come back in style.

33. I need to have my stairs done in oak, the ugly carpet upstairs replaced with hardwood floors, and my foyer painted... Someday I'll have the cash for that...

34. I drove across the country naked when I was 3. I mooned everyone from CA to WI... That's when my parents figured out why people were beeping and waving as they passed us... I had removed all of my clothes and was wiggling my but as I leaned on the front seats - I was too hot! (those were days long before car seats!!)

35. Little LadyBug says I'm funny.

36. I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. I love to shop for gifts, wrap the gifts, and watch them be opened and hopefully enjoyed. I love the music at Christmas... I love to decorate... I love the advent calendars... the anticipation of it all...

37. I drive a long way for everything - even the mail.

38. I lived in Spain when I was a kid. I lived in El Ferrol.

39. I lost all of my English and spoke fluent Spanish. I went to Spanish schools and had Spanish friends. I often wonder what happened to them.

40. My mom re-taught me all my English... It wasn't fun.

41. I lived in Saudi Arabia when I was in junior high school. My best friends were Barbara Tuxbury and Barbara Abel. We left Saudi for the summer and never returned. I never got their addresses and often wonder what happened to them. I still miss both of them.

42. I was on a competitive swim team. I wasn't the best, but I wasn't the worst, either. I swam the breaststroke. I was never first - always second.

43. I was a lifeguard for 2 summers.

44. I was a Girl Scout.

45. I have camped in the desert and in the snow. I prefer the desert... it is much warmer.

46. I still know how to tie good knots.

47. I am a member of our local Newcomer's Club.

48. I love living in the country.

49. I don't cook. I do bake. I make a terrific cookie.

50. I love to watch HGTV.

51. My grandpa was a builder. My dad is very handy. I know how to do a lot of home improvement stuff. I also know my limitations...

52. I have granite countertops. I love them. They were my one splurge in my kitchen.

53. I try to go to Jazzercise 2 to 3 times each week. Mostly I make it twice a week.

54. I am now shorter than #1 Son. No, I don't like it. I do have to live with it, though...

55. I love photography.

56. I love scrapbooking.

57. I enjoy crocheting.

58. I enjoy cross stitching.

59. I am easily amused. I tell people I can have fun in a paper bag.

60. I have fleece sheets. I love them. They are the snuggliest things I have ever slept on.

61. My children have fleece sheets, too. They ask me to wash them and put them right back on the bed. I do.

62. I love snow.

63. I love sledding. I don't like walking back up the hill, though. Maybe we should install a rope tow...

64. When I ski, I ski so slowly that you can't tell if I'm going up or down the mountain. I am cautious.

65. I love 75 degrees and sunny, too.

66. I prefer Target over Walmart.

67. I love to hunt for a bargain.

68. If it isn't on sale, I won't purchase it.

69. I enjoy shopping, but I need to be in the mood.

70. I love Little LadyBug hugs.

71. I love to eat cookies... That's a bad thing...

72. I had my gallbladder out last January - emergency surgery. I don't recommend it.

73. I still have my appendix and my tonsils.

74. I had braces on my teeth as a kid.

75. I can't wait for my parents' house to be finished so they can move in.

76. I really want a dog. I'd like a welch corgi - the one with no tail...

77. I almost always wear socks.

78. I'd love to have a pool. But, when you live in the country, you have to think about the things you will have to scoop out of your pool - deer, fox, bugs, toads, snakes, bear... the list goes on... I think I'll pass...

79. I love to be my children's cheerleader.

80. I am quiet until I get to know you... then... well, all bets are off.

81. I don't do conflict well.

82. I am a libra... maybe that's why I don't do conflict well.

83. I don't mind sorting laundry. I do mind folding laundry.

84. I have blue eyes.

85. I have brown hair that is slowly turning gray... I gotta get me some hair dye...

86. I wear glasses. I have the rimless kind and I love them!!

87. I wore contacts on my wedding day. They were tinted blue and made my eyes look even bluer than they are. I tossed the contacts after the big day. Talk about vanity...

88. We honeymooned in Stowe, VT. It was freezing!

89. I did almost all of my Christmas shopping on line last year.

90. My children tell me that I'm sometimes nice and sometimes mean. I think that is a good thing.

91. I enjoy curling up infront of a warm fire.

92. I enjoy reading the ads in the Sunday paper, but we don't get the Sunday paper.

93. My favorite family vacation was our trip to Disney World two years ago.

94. I try to be organized. Sometimes I succeed - sometimes I don't...

95. I love all kinds of music - except rap...

96. I am enjoying blogging. I have "met" many wonderful people.

97. MommaK introduced me to blogging. Thanks, MommaK!!

98. I enjoy watching my kids grow in many different ways... But not too fast, please.

99. I am enjoying my life.

100. I love Mr. Bug with all my heart.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About The Year I Was a Witch On Halloween?

One year when I was too old to go out trick-or-treating, I was assigned door duty. My dad took Auntie out and left my mother and me to our own devices. He should have known we'd be up to no good.

We had a really ugly witch mask that I'd used for the Halloween football game earlier in the week. (I was in the band and we were really into all this craziness!) My mom and I were chatting about how I should answer the door in the mask. I, of course, had to take it one step further. I told my mom that I should sit outside and wait for the kids with the mask on...

My mother took that little tidbit and ran with it. She got a black rocking chair from the living room. She got me a ton of blankets, a black hooded thing worn by Saudi women (the name eludes me just now), and a walkie talkie. She dressed me up and set me on the porch. She stood in the bathroom (in the dark in the window just over my shoulder) and chatted with me on the walkie talkie.

The first kid came up the driveway and she hissed "Don't move!"
I froze.
The kid got almost to the door (he had passed me and thought I was a dummy) and my mother hissed "NOW!"
I rocked ever so slowly.
The kid freaked! The parent in the driveway howled with laughter - thank God!!
I had to practically undress to convince the kid it was me.

We did this over and over. We got really good at it...
We were very sweet to the little kids, though... anyone over the age of 6 got the full treatment!!
We even did it to my sister... hehehe
Mom and I had so much fun that night!!


PS - a few weeks ago, I wrote a Monday Memory about getting the beater stuck in my hair. I have been looking for the picture and I found it!!!

Attractive, aren't I... That's cream cheese goo all over my face, clothes and hair...

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Floor Joists

Just when you think you know your builder's schedule, you don't. The guys showed up a little while after I took those pictures yesterday. I am glad I wasn't out there in my pajamas when they drove up!!

They put the gravel into the floor of the garage. They put the insulation strip between the foundation and the sill plate. They started on the big beams and floor joists. They completed the whole substructure. (I leaned out my back door and took this picture this morning - the addition gets bigger every day, doesn't it?)

They would have done more, but they were missing an item. Mr. Bug said that the guys asked him if glue was delivered with the load of wood. (Mr. Bug is so out of the loop on this construction project. It is hysterical they should even contemplate asking him a question!!) Fortunately for everyone involved, Mr. Bug was here when the wood was delivered and knew the answer to that question was, "Whatever they delivered is out there. They didn't give me anything to keep inside."

That was the end of construction for the day. I'd rather have them stop, than continue on without something they should be using.

I wonder what kind of glue they meant... I wonder what the glue is for... I'll find out tomorrow!!


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Got Wood....

Ok - It looks like progress is being made on the GrandBug's house.
They painted the black goo on the sides of the foundation. The installed the french drains. They sprayed for termites.

They left this huge pile of wood and other building materials yesterday afternoon. By the end of next week, that pile will be the GrandBugs new house all framed up. Yippee!!

They left a little something in the driveway - right where Mr. Bug gets his car in and out of the garage. Do you see it? It was left at a most inconvenient place... As the song says - You can't go over it.. You can't go through it.. You can't go under it.. You gotta go around it.

I know GrandpaBug is ready for his house to be completed. Every time I speak with him the conversation begins like this, "Hi! Is my house done yet?" Every time I have spoken to him, for the last year, by internet chat or phone he says this. He's so funny! At least now I have something to tell him.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday Feast

What job would you definitely not want to have?
School bus driver - you couldn't pay me enough!!

Oprah calls and wants you to appear on her show. What would that day's show be about?
How to have a happy family.

Name 3 vegetables that you eat on a regular basis.
Green m&m's, orange soda, and cherry life savers...
Just kidding... lettuce, wax beans, tomatoes.

Main Course
If you were commissioned to rename your hometown, what would you call it?

If you had a personal assistant, what kind of tasks would you have them to do?
Wash the floors, swap and fold the laundry, do windows.

*This week's Feast is an oldie but goodie.*

The Calendar

Does your calendar have a mind of its own and gets totally out of hand? Mine just did.

The weekend of the 25th was supposed to be relatively quiet. Just a ballet performance at 7pm that night. Well, the 24th filled up and the 25th filled up and we suddenly have no real down time.

#1 Son made the Tri County Band and has to perform on the 24th - all day - and he has to spend all evening performing with his Middle School Band at the art show. Little LadyBug's artwork - a woodpecker she drew - is part of the show. We will go see her art work and take the picture. He will perform and we will clap. I get #1 Son back at around 7.

So much for a family dinner... Maybe we will hit Applebees afterwards... :-)

He has to be back for Tri County Band again at 8:45am... on a Saturday people!! Then, I get him back after the 2pm concert. Little LadyBug's ballet performance is that evening... What happened to a nice quiet weekend??

I dunno either...

At least I have a whole week to let the reality of it sink in...


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thankful Thursday 13

I try to combine both TT's to keep everyone reading....

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thankful For This Week

1. Good Weather

2. The masons' hard work

3. The foundation is finished

4. Good friends

5. Not too much homework this week...

6. Healthy children - now that I've put this in writing, they'll both end up with whatever has been going around...

7. Mr. Bug's excellent cooking skills

8. Spring days when we can open the windows... ahhh - it was nice while it lasted...

9. Living out here in the country

10. Children who practice their piano without being asked

11. Children who do their chores - even when they don't want to do them.

12. Mr. Bug - who is the sweetest bug out there!

13. Little LadyBug's love of nature and being outside. She made ladybugs out of rocks and "hid" them up and down the driveway. How many? We don't really know... I found this one:

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

B**gger finally let me upload a picture...

I know Wednesdays are supposed to be wordless, but I have a funny tidbit to share:
Our gunea pig, Miss Dottie, was having a snack of lettuce last night. She looks so sweet and innocent, doesn't she?

We got busy and forgot she was eating on the counter. (Don't worry, we wash and disinfect when she's done.) All of a sudden, I heard some serious munching. She was eating our TV remote. Dottie managed to eat 4 buttons off the remote before we got to her... She had also gnawed through part of a banana. I guess the banana wasn't good enough...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


You wanted walls? We're getting walls.
I'd show you a picture of our foundation walls, but B**gger won't let me. It appears I have a "bad gateway"... Whatever that means?!?!?
You'll all just have to wait...


Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About How I Got Fired?

This happened many moons ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

#1 Son was probably 4 and that would make Little LadyBug around "2-ish". It was a spring day. The flowers were blooming. It was warm. I had had a very long day with the children. We had played outside. Everyone was filthy and in desperate need of a bath. Fortunately, no one had an evening activity or meeting so I could take my time with dinner. But, I just didn't know what to make...

It must have been about 5:15pm. I was on the phone talking with my friend Liz. Mr. Bug walked in. He took a whif and smelled nothing cooking. He took one look around. He was a very hungry bug that day. He hadn't had his afternoon snack. In a fit of temper he said, "That's it! You're fired! You never have to cook for me again! I'll do the cooking around here!"

I smiled! I said, "Okay." Inside, I was jumping for joy!! I never had to make the "dinner decision" again!! I don't care what I eat for dinner. If he'd told me what to make, I'd have made it.

Liz heard this all through the phone and almost whined, "I wanna get fired, too!"

All of a sudden, Mr. Bug realized the error of his ways... He tried to backpedal... Too late!! I had a witness! I was not going to get myself rehired. I know I good thing when I hear it!

He has been the chief cook for about 10 years now. Mr. Bug is an excellent cook. He is a much better cook than I could ever hope to be. Sometimes we collaborate - I sit on one side of the island and give ideas. He decides to implement, or not.


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Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm Stoned

Ok, so Mr. Bug and I are out for a drive. I spot this rock that I absolutely have to have. It is on the side of the road in front of a neighbor's house. I've been watching this rock for about 2 months now. I pull up to the rock and tell Mr. Bug to quick, jump out and put the rock in the back of my very small SUV.
"What do you need this rock for? We have a million in our own yard. Can't you use one of ours??"
"I wanna make a Ladybug Crossing sign. That's the perfect rock. Just get me that rock, please."
What is a husband to do? He sighs ever so quietly... He gets out and almost herniates himself picking the foolish thing up and maneuvering it into the back of my SUV. He isn't thrilled with me, but after 16 years of marriage, he is not surprised...
Little LadyBug and I made our sign. We think it is pretty good.
#1 Son says, "It's hot!"
"Well, thank YOU Paris Hilton!!" It must be pretty good if he likes it!!
I send Mr. Bug up to the top of the driveway with the tractor to ease the strain of hauling this behemoth down to the mailbox. He grunts the rock out of the garden cart and sets it in place.
We are duly impressed with our signage...

I get that funny look on my face... Mr. Bug says, "I'm not moving it again. It's fine. Leave it for a couple of weeks and if you want me to move it, I will."
"But maybe it will look better over by that tree..."
"Umm.. okay.. I can wait a couple of weeks..."


Let's Play Catch-up!

We have been mighty busy around here the last few days. Let me update you.

The footers are finished. We had a stream of deliveries on Thursday starting with 2 truck loads of cement block and ending with a load of concrete mix and a pile of sand. I thought the foundation guys might be here on Friday, but I was incorrect in that assumption... I think they might show tomorrow??

#1 Son:
Friday afternoon was #1 Son's 7th Grade Band Competition. They are a very small but powerful band. They played well and looked great. Unfortunately, they didn't place. #1 Son was disappointed, but I don't think it will make him practice any more or any less. They have another competition at Busch Gardens in May. If they don't place, at least they can leave their sorrows on the roller coaster!!

Saturday brought #1 Son's basketball team one step closer to 1st place. They beat the Gold Shirts in the semi-finals and have the finals next Saturday. #1 Son is a terrific defensive player and did his job well. He protected the basket and got the ball back to his teammates over and over again. The game was exciting! Mr. Bug was so hyped up at one point during the first half, that Little LadyBug suggested he take a trip to the men's room to calm down. I had to laugh! She did have a point...

Today is supposed to be a gorgeous day - 75 and sunny! If I didn't have to ring handbells in church this morning, I'd consider playing hooky just to get outside sooner. Alas, I'll have to do my duty before I can head outside...

Little LadyBug and I are going to paint a ladybug on a large flat rock that I found. We are going to stand it next to the mailbox. If it comes out cute, you'll see a picture... If it doesn't work, we'll put the rock back where we found it...

Have a great day!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Feast

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how intuitive do you think you are?
I think I am a 9. I'm usually pretty perceptive... although, I do have my days when I'm as thick as brick.

What is your favorite kind of gum?
Dentine Fire Gum

Name a CD you own that you would never get rid of.
Manheim Steamroller Volume II

Main Course
When was the last time you said something you didn't mean?
Ummm... I dunno...

What is the sum of the numbers in your birthdate? (Example: 3 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 31)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Likes About the Spring Time

1. Crocus blooms

2. Daffodills

3. Longer days

4. Warmer weather

5. Sunshine

6. Birds are back

7. The grass gets green

8. Fires in the fire pit

9. Short sleeves

10. The smell of spring time - it is fresh and warm...

11. Baby deer

12. Baby bunnies frolicking in the yard

13. Watching Little Ladybug entertain herself for hours outside with dirt, a stick, a rock, and the stream...

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

He Lights Up My Life...

A couple of days ago the new lights for the front of our house arrived. I purchased beautiful onion lights for either side of the front door. You all remember that a while back, the big wind came along and took out my old light. I was oh so heartbroken (not!).

Mr. Bug is not the handiest individual. I know this. I pull him into home improvement projects kicking and screaming. This lighting project was no exception. My dad showed Mr. Bug how to do lighting last time he was here. I have watched my dad replace lighting since I was little. He always said to treat electricity with respect and to never ever touch both wires at the same time. These lessons he imparted to Mr. Bug. I hoped Mr. Bug would remember.

We turned off the power. We got the old junkers off the house. We read the directions. The "box" attached to the house was different than the one in the picture - of course... Is there any home improvement project that follows the directions??

There were changes to be made. Mr. Bug was exceptionally brilliant! He figured out the geometry involved, drilled a couple of holes and presto - we can continue. The only problems he had were with gravity. The screws would fall down and bounce into the garden. (Fortunately, the snakes are still sleeping, the bees haven't returned, and the bugs are still on vacation!) He would bump his little step ladder as he bent over to get the screws and the wire caps would fly off in different directions. The words he was using about the 10th time this sort of thing happened were umm... colorful. I found the whole thing quite entertaining.

We were finally ready to connect the wiring. He must have said 3 "Our Fathers" and about 10 "Hail Marys". He was convinced that electrocution was only a zap away. His fears were unfounded. He survived! He did not get electrocuted. He did not get shocked.

It only took about an hour to get the first light up - from start to finish. We were impressed with Mr. Bug's handiwork.

The second light was much faster. That one took about 15 minutes.

Did they work? You bet!! Mr. Bug lights up my life - and my front stoop!!


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Playin' Catch-up

We've been so busy around here with construction, that I haven't had a chance to update you on the rest of our lives.

The Spaghetti Supper was a sell-out! Go figure! We sold over 100 meals and there was no spaghetti sauce left to sell. Mr. Bug's sauce was a hit! Everyone loved it. As they should!! The kids ran their feet off serving drinks and dessert. Many parents enjoyed just lifting their cups up in the air and having the kids come over to fill them. We love child servants!! Of course since there wasn't any sauce left, poor Mr. Bug had to make some for us on Sunday. We aren't going to eat blonde spaghetti around here this week!!

#1 Son had a basketball game on Saturday. They lost by 3 points, but the kicker is that they only had 6 members of the team show up for the game. #1 Son played like a maniac. This game didn't count toward the finals and #1 Son's team is currently in 1st place!! Yippee for them!

Little LadyBug had her Cecchetti Ballet Exam on Saturday, as well. Yup, we cram it all in together and get it all done at once!! She is sure that she passed. We have to wait for the results to come in the mail. I hope they send them soon! If she passes, she gets a certificate. Little LadyBug told me she wants me to frame it and hang it on her wall. I can do that. No problem!!!

Little LadyBug has SOL testing today. That's the Virginia State Exam that makes sure that no child is left behind educationally... She had her egg salad sandwich for breakfast this morning - brain food! It's her all time favorite meal... She was confident as she got on the bus this morning. Today is the reading exam - read the paragraph, answer the question, fill in the bubble... Fun fun fun ~ NOT!! She loves reading and does well, so she shouldn't have any trouble passing the test. She has to take the exam in every subject this year. 5th grade is so exciting. I'm glad I didn't have to do this stuff when I was a kid. The SAT was plenty for me...

So - you are now caught up on our lives.


Monday, March 06, 2006

I Can Dig It!

The guys came back today to dig the footers. They dug. They dug my water main right out of the ground. It seems the water main at The Crossing doesn't go in a straight line to the well -- it goes in an S shape. Because of the shape, they didn't hit water line once or even twice - they hit it 5 times! Gotta love it!

About 1pm today, the guys came and banged on the door and asked me to pop my garage door open so they could turn off the pump to my well. I guess they had a gusher going! I peeked out the window and saw them bailing buckets full of water out of the holes in the ground. It was pretty funny! They immediately told me that our builder was on the way with repair supplies.

I think they thought I was going to be upset since this is the second water pipe they have broken. I don't get uptight about this sort of thing as long as they fix it before they go home. See that black pipe - that's my temporary water main. Yup - we can pee and take a shower!

The photos are a little dark today because the guys were here late. We didn't think they would ever go home. Mr. Bug was almost ready to feed them dinner!

If we are lucky, they are going to pour the concrete tomorrow... Those pictures should be really cool!


Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About the Red Playpen?

Auntie was born in Spain. I was 8 years old at the time. I adored my baby sister - I still do. We had this red playpen that was on wheels. Europe has the best baby things, you know!! Anyway, it looked like something out of a circus. It was bright and fun and it rolled really well on our marble floors.

We had this long hallway... Ok it was really long. I used to close all the doors. I would make sure Auntie was ready and tell her to be quiet. She would put her finger to her lips and say, "shhhh". Then I would start running. The playpen would zoom down that hallway and when I let go, it would spin ever so slowly as it made its way down that hallway. Auntie would giggle and laugh! She loved it!

My mother, on the other hand, didn't love it.
"What are you doing? Are you rolling your sister down that hallway again?"
"Ummmm.... Nothing.... Ummm... No??"

Auntie just loved it! I can still see the smile on her face and hear her laughing as she spun around and around... I wonder if that's why she loves rollercoasters so much now??


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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Orange You Glad...

We have orange lines in the dirt now. They are digging the footer holes tomorrow and pouring cement on Tuesday. The outline of the building doesn't look so big from inside my house, but once you get outside, you realize how big this addition really is going to be. Mr. Bug took this picture from the site of the Grandbug's future garage.


Sunday 'Toon

I found this out on the web somewhere... I think it is funny - but I am a slightly off center individual... Most people who meet me don't really get to see this wacky sense of humor I have... But, you are among the fortunate...


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mr. Bug's Big Day

Today is a big day for Mr. Bug. Today is the Youth Group's Spaghetti Supper - AKA: The Mission Trip Fundraiser. Mr. Bug's sauce - or as we Italians call it 'gravy' - is the big draw.

Mr. Bug spent 14 or 15 years perfecting his spaghetti sauce. It is really really good! We have never experienced sauce in the volume he had to create it this time. Just so you know -- sauce for 100 is very different than sauce for the family.

The shopping trip was a mathematical nightmare. The cans of tomatoes you use for a family of 4 are not the same size you use for a crowd of 100. We were in the tomato isle at Costco calculating ounces to pounds at a mindblowing rate. Mr. Bug has a MS in Math - a true bonus when one is converting a recipe of this magnitude. We got jumbo paint can sized cans of tomatoes, big tubs of oregano and basil, and an enormous bag of onions.

My galloping gourment spent last evening cooking up a storm. I don't think our kitchen has ever smelled better - but it sure has looked better. By the time he was done, every surface was covered with cans, onion skins, tomato dribble, oregano and basil leaves, droplets of wine, and all kinds of other shrapnel. One cannot create a masterpiece without a little mess. The mess was an easy clean - except for the tomato splashes on the wall behind the stove... That took a little more elbow grease than the had imagined. He was really tired when he finished. The galloping had turned into shuffling.

This morning a refreshed Mr. Bug decided to add some sausage to his gravy - you know - for a little more flavor. He's going to cook those up when he gets back from the Men's Breakfast. He'll cut them up and drop them in - mmmm yummy!! The gallop is back.

I just hope we have a bunch of people show up to eat all of this. Do you live in Northern VA? Want directions? Email me at ladybugxing at my address. At last count we only had about 30 people who were definitely coming to the dinner. The cost is your donation (whatever you can give) to the Mission Trip Fund - a tax deductible donation, I might add. What will we do with all the left over gravy? I'm thinking we'll sell it. This way, the kids get the cash and we don't have to fill up our itty bitty freezer with gravy.

See you at the supper!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Dig Dig Dig...

You wanted pictures - you got them!
We are finally getting somewhere - the guys are digging the foundation!

The first shovel goes in the ground! They started with the new entrance/sunroom. In the picture below, you can see Mr. Bug's dinner triangle that he uses to call us for dinner.

More digging... You can see my parents' family room to the rear in the photo below. Where should they put the TV? Just beyond the family room is the garage. They haven't started that yet. They'll get to that next week.

More primping... I think that's the sewing room in the picture below. I can't wait to craft with my mom in there!

It is starting to look like a house to me... Ok, so I see the world through rose colored glasses - yup - wine glasses!!