Sunday, March 19, 2006

Floor Joists

Just when you think you know your builder's schedule, you don't. The guys showed up a little while after I took those pictures yesterday. I am glad I wasn't out there in my pajamas when they drove up!!

They put the gravel into the floor of the garage. They put the insulation strip between the foundation and the sill plate. They started on the big beams and floor joists. They completed the whole substructure. (I leaned out my back door and took this picture this morning - the addition gets bigger every day, doesn't it?)

They would have done more, but they were missing an item. Mr. Bug said that the guys asked him if glue was delivered with the load of wood. (Mr. Bug is so out of the loop on this construction project. It is hysterical they should even contemplate asking him a question!!) Fortunately for everyone involved, Mr. Bug was here when the wood was delivered and knew the answer to that question was, "Whatever they delivered is out there. They didn't give me anything to keep inside."

That was the end of construction for the day. I'd rather have them stop, than continue on without something they should be using.

I wonder what kind of glue they meant... I wonder what the glue is for... I'll find out tomorrow!!



Katherine said...

Ha, I would wonder what they need glue for too! You're going to have to change the name of your home from LadyBug Crossing to LadyBug Compound with the size of that addition, hee hee!

Unknown said...

It's fascinating to watch the construction process. Take video before the interior walls go up, they come in handy down the road when repairs are needed on the house. You know where all the pipes and wires are.

Jennifer said...

good idea barb!!!!! you are soooo smart! i love watching the progress as well! it's fun and exciting!

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