Friday, March 31, 2006

Perfect Post Award #2

Sometimes as you surf your favorite blogs, you happen upon a post that rocks your world. Maybe you laugh until your sides hurt. Maybe you cry. Maybe you find yourself thinking about it for days afterward. You want to share the post with everyone you know- but how?

MommaK of Petroville and Lucinda of Suburban Turmoil have been thinking about this and they've gathered some friends together to launch the Perfect Post Awards.

On the first day of each month, all participants will give out the award to their favorite post written by another blogger during the preceding month. The "winners" will receive a cool Perfect Post button for that month that they can put on their sites if they wish. MommaK and Lucinda will link on each award day to everyone who's giving out a Perfect Post award.

This is a chance to read some of the best stuff written each month- and to spread a little warm fuzziness, too. If you'd like to present an award yourself next month, e-mail Lucinda or MommaK and they'll send you the latest award button code a few days before May 1st, so that you can participate, too!

I have decided to award another Perfect Post this month. I have been reading this girl for months now and she is hysterical!! She can make me laugh so hard I spew water from my nose. It takes quite a lot to do that, you know.

My Perfect Post Award goes to....
Kim at I Wasn't Always Like This
My favorite post this month was This one

Please stop by, wish her well, and tell her Ladybug sent you.


1 comment:

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