Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Slowly reopening....

Today is Mr’s birthday! Thank goodness the state is slowly reopening because he loves his yearly onion rings and big boy burger at Fosters. Today was no different. We ate outside and he practically licked his plate clean!

We finished hauling and stacking all of our firewood into the wood yard and moved to inside chores as the weather changed. We have since cleaned out every closet and have a large pile ready to go to Goodwill. During that excavation we unearthed a bunch of figurines of mom’s that she still had boxed up. That lead to the discovery that not one more of those gorgeous items would fit in my curio (that came with the house). An Internet search rewarded me with a larger lighted curio that now houses all of our little lovelies. Although, getting it into the house was a feat that involved ancient Egyptian methods of moving super heavy items. (The heaviest part? The glass shelves, of course! Once we got those out of the box, the unit was much easier to move around and put into place.)

Now that summer is here, we are spending time by and in the pool - which was 86 degrees of pure bliss until it rained and the temp dropped to 83. We are hoping that some sunny days this week will increase the temps a wee bit. 83 is refreshing, but 86 makes it warm enough to float around and spend time in the water.

I’ve also finished a few projects including baby blankets, baby sweaters, shawls, spacemen, a wool wedding blanket, and yet another Yoda. I’ve ordered some more yarn because I need to make a wedding blanket for a very special young lady whose mother is my oldest and dearest friend. As soon as that yarn arrives, I’ll get to it! Covid-19 had made a wedding filled with friends and family impossible - the venue cancelled the wedding. They will tie the knot surrounded by family in the back yard. It’s not what they wanted, but it will still be beautiful and memorable!

In other news, my copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Switch arrived in late March. I have been playing daily. Yes, I’m actually a closet video game addict. LLB and I played the Wii version back in the day. It was our “snow day” and “school vacation” activity. We loved it then and we love it’s now, especially since we can play together over the Internet even though we are apart. Yep, it’s fun and we all need a little fun these days.