Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Call Me Dorothy

On my way home from the Handbell Conference in MD on Saturday, I sure felt like Dorothy and if I'd had Zeb with me, he could have been Toto!

I left Ocean City. It was breezy.
Okay, it was windy. I expect that near the ocean...

As I drove west, it got worse.
I was hanging on to my steering wheel with a death grip just trying to keep my little white marshmallow of a CRV on the road. (What it really comes down to is this: I need my wheels. I will NOT allow anything or anyone to hurt or damage my wheels in any way. Oh - and I can't afford a new car, so I didn't have much choice to but to hang on and take my lead foot off the gas.)

Going across that part of Delaware, it's flat farmland. There are no trees. It kinda felt like, I dunno - Kansas??

The wind was gusting - they said to 50 mph. I think it was more like 100 mph. There were wind advisories. I noticed that the advisories were moving towards me... towards the longest bridge I've ever gone over and the last one I had to cross to get home - The Bay Bridge. My fear was that they would close it - not that I'd be blown off the side, mind you!

(There are days when I know where LLB gets her ditziness!!)

I couldn't go very fast, so it seemed to take an eternity to get to The Bridge. As I approached, I had a moment with God. It went something like this, "I could use a little less wind right about now!" God has a wicked sense of humor - he sent me another gust. (He's pretty funny.) "Thanks! Appreciate that!" Then a light gust.

Ummm... thanks.

The other cars and I were in a line with lots of space between us. We went up onto the bridge. The sides of the bridge are made of metal bars that you can look through and see the water below... The whitecaps were looking more like those full fledged surfing kind of waves. At one point - about half way across - where the bridge is at it's highest and the wind was whipping (and my steering wheel was turned at a right angle so I could drive straight against the wind), there was a sign that said "Metal Grates".

I thought , "OMG! Are you even kidding me?! I am barely holding onto the road and now you are giving me metal grates to slide on?"

I glanced heaveanward, "You aren't very funny, you know!"
Know what I got?
Yup... another gust.

Almost immediately the thought, "Blog Fodder" came into my mind.
He really does have a sense of humor!

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