Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday 13 - How Can it be Thursday Already?

 Well, this week got away from me as far as posting here. So sorry!

1. I spent Tuesday morning splitting firewood with a friend. You know how I enjoy that! We got a bunch done. I will probably try to help her again next week. But once spring really arrives with all the creepy crawlies, I’m done until fall, thanks! 

2. Yesterday was my day with the Prayer Shawl ladies. I do love spending time with them! 

3. Yellow Rose’s mom was diagnosed with cancer - its back. Please lift her in prayer. YR is hanging in there, but wants to do more, of course. I’m just glad she is close enough to go home as often as she wants.

4. I am keeping the weight off. I’m figuring out what I can and can’t do. I need to eat small portions often. So, I find myself thinking about my next meal - a lot! 🤣

5. Mini is asleep on the couch. I might have to emulate her later. 

6. It’s a rainy morning. I treaded myself to a lovely cup of teas my ladybug mug. 

7. LLB and I are still playing Animal Crossing. It’s been almost a year! Woo! 

8. I'm still working on the cape. Every row is longer... and takes longer to do. I have 6 rows left and then I can start the border. 

9. My cousin found and sent me a term paper my dad wrote on Electrostatics in high school. He was smart and loved all things electrical and electricity - he was an electrical engineer! That said, I know why he couldn’t spell... the teacher never corrected any spelling errors. He lost points because he needed to expand and write more on some paragraphs, but no spelling corrections. Heck, maybe the teacher couldn’t spell either! 

10. Mr and I are waiting for a calm drizzly day to light the burn pile. It’s getting to be that time of year! I can only hope that once we burn it, we can have a clean front yard for more than a week before we have a tree fall and we have to start another pile. 

11. The yard is starting to green up. The crocuses are popping, and the daffodils are showing their lovely blooms. I love spring. I do NOT love the yard work that comes with it. 

12. Once the pool repairs are done and paid, I’m hoping to have a little bit left to cover the yard clean up. It’s nice to have the professionals come with a team to handle it. It takes them a day. It takes me weeks and it never looks as good as when they do it.

13. I am hoping that we have had our last fire in the wood stove this spring. It’s clean. I dusted. I vacuumed. Maybe my house can stay dust free for more than 20 minutes. Yes, I realize that soon I’ll be opening the windows and the pollen will cover every surface. But for now, everything is shiny, clean, and dust free... and it smells like lemon! Life is so very very good. 

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