Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Spring is here!

The weather has been pretty nice since the tree got blown down last week. We cleaned it up - it was mostly grape vines entangled in the branches in the top of the tree that landed in the driveway. What a giant mess that was. I’d grab a branch to pull it away after Mr cut it, and it would be stuck because of the vines. The chainsaw made fast work of the mess, but getting it all to the burn pile was an exercise in all things slinky - pull, go back and untangle or cut, repeat. Needless to say the burn pile is twice the size it was. I’m waiting for a misty calm day in May to light it up!

We rang in church on Sunday and it was fantastic! LLB was here, so that made the whole thing extra fun. We took her out to eat before she headed back to the city. It’s just nice to spend time with her and chat. We get her back this weekend for Easter. I am sure the bunny will come by and drop some chocolates for her. 

Mini had quite a night last night. She sang the songs of her people, she batted a plug she found under a dresser, and she basically made a nuisance of herself. That’s ok. Two can play that game. I’ll be waking her up every time I find her asleep today... if I remember. 

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