Sunday, April 04, 2021

Happy Easter!

It has been a very busy week - Holy Week is one of those super busy weeks for those of us involved in church. Bells played on Palm Sunday (and did great!). Maundy Thursday brought another church service and lots of duties I have never done. I learned a ton, met new people, and got to see an old friend! Friday was Good Friday and another church service. I read and Mr played guitar. And now it’s Easter Sunday. The bells will be ringing and LLB’s trumpet will be sounding. This afternoon you can find me curled up with a piece of LLB’s lemon meringue pie. 
The bunny delivered a basket for LLB and a chocolate or two for Mr, of course! Me? I got a new controller for my switch. I don’t need candy and this seemed like a great option. 
Enjoy your day! 

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