Friday, April 09, 2021

Wait! It’s Friday?!

Time sure does fly around here! 

We cut and split almost all the logs that were pulled off the pile. I think there are two huge ones left.that said, the fact that we cut and split the rest is a huge accomplishment. Once we got it all cut and split, it needed to be stacked. I handled that yesterday while Mr was at work. So, the yard needs to be picked up, but it looks pretty good considering all that went on there. 

Great news! We have a new priest! It was announced on Wednesday. He will arrive in late May and report June 1. We are all very excited. We will be ringing on June 6, I’m sure! It has been so hard to keep this secret, but it was well worth it. 

Today LLB and I got our second Covid vaccine. So far, so good. No side effects. I’m off to bed shortly to get a little extra rest - We have plans tomorrow and I don’t want to be stuck at home because I feel crappy. Better to go to bed early and rest so that I can play tomorrow. I made some fresh salsa for that - I’m supposed to bring a side dish. It smells delicious and it tastes great, too. (I had to try it.)

So, it’s been a busy week around here with wood processing, announcing a priest, and getting shots along with all the regular activities that happen like crochet, groceries, and cooking. I’m still working on the virus blanket - it is coming out really well. I hope to finish it before I need to give it to the recipient. Ok, I will finish it. I’ll be working on it tomorrow morning and Sunday afternoon and and and...

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