Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thursday 13

Thirteen things I’m contemplating today:

1. Spring is here. The grass is turning green. The trees and flowers are blooming. The pollen is out and my ears are clogged every morning, but pollen means warmer weather, so I’ll deal. 

2. We are considering putting the covered front porch on the house. I’m excited to do this project. 

3. Mom and Dad continue to bless us and make these projects possible. 

4. We were supposed to get the pool resurfaced this spring - until some giant pool company bought up all the plaster on the east coast. Jay, the pool guy, said we’d do it later this summer or whenever the plaster is back in stock. That’s fine with us. 

5. Jay is going to fix the mechanicals that need fixing when he opens the pool on May 2. At least that part will be done and it will be like having a new pool filter! 

6. We need to do a Costco run. I think tomorrow might be the day. I need to be in the right mindset for that trip! 

7. We have a bell rehearsal tonight! We are getting ready for our new priest’s first service. I have lots of happy music planned! 

8. LLB got her cats a robotic kitty litter box that cleans itself. I’d love one, but I need to convince Mr. 

9. I'm still working on the blanket. I got 2 rounds done yesterday. No, it wasn’t nearly as much as I need to get done in a sitting, but it’s better than nothing, right? I’ll work on it more today. 

10. LLB is planning the bachelorette party for her sweet senior, HC. Since the wedding is the next day, she doesn’t want to do anything crazy. She has decided on a brunch at a really nice place with a view of the ocean and then an afternoon at the beach with the girls. It sounds like a lovely time! 

11. Speaking of HC’s wedding, I’ll need a dress. What I have is fine, but it’s not exactly what I think I want. I’ll have to head to the mall to look for something... maybe LLB can help me shop in a couple of weeks.

12. We have a red headed woodpecker who enjoys pecking at one of the tree stumps. He is gorgeous! I was looking for him today, but he usually shows up at lunch time. 

13. Laundry and dishes are forever... I’d best get moving! 

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