Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. Gram and I went to Wally World and Home Cheapo last night for a few things... most of them started with the letter P.

2. I needed Paper - something vellum-like for the programs for this weekend's ballet performances.

3. She needed Peat - which actually turned out to be mulch.

4. Gram insisted it was Peat we needed until we got to Home Cheapo when she said, no... it was this black mulch in this particular bag that we needed. Huh??

5. Mulch does not look like peat - except maybe for the color. A call to Grandpa settled it. Yes, he needed Mulch. No mulch does not start with P. Yes, he needed 3 bags.

6. I needed Ponds Cold Cream.

7. Do you know how hard it is to find Ponds Cold Cream at Wally World. I hunted in the soap aisle. I hunted in the facial stuff aisle. I found it on the bottom in the middle of the display in the makeup aisle.

8. Why did I need Ponds Cold Cream? Because the stage makeup that LLB used for her performances last week is still in her eyebrows. It will NOT come off. The stage makeup that she wore was HOT PINK! Yes, it is a little noticeable.

9. Gram needed Plants. She has been wanting Black Eyed Susans, Johnny Jump-Ups and Shasta Daisies. We haven't been able to find those particular plants anywhere.

10. At Wally World, Gram found seed packets for all of those plants.

11. At Home Cheapo, she found the Black Eyed Susans in a pot. She bought the pot.

12. While we were out and about, we noticed that each and every child under the age of 7 was either screaming or whining. Normally, I don't notice that sort of thing. But, since they were in every aisle, every parking lot, and every store - it was a little hard not to notice.

13. We went back to the school to pick up #1 from Track Camp and while we were waiting, a little kid - under the age of 5 - drove his scooter into the back of my car. Why? Well, he wasn't paying attention. How you can miss a giant white marshmallow is beyond me. I laughed my head off! The mother - she was mortified. The kid - he still doesn't really know why he got his scooter taken away... But, at least he didn't cry, whine, or scream.

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