Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No Ringy Dingy

I still haven't found a phone. There was only one phone with a cord at Wallyworld yesterday.
I used a knife and adjusted my receiver's volume. I can actually live with this phone for a little longer now.
I'll find one... it's just going to take some time...

While I was at Wallyworld yesterday, the lines for the checkout were long. I had plenty of time - besides, I had exciting things like dog food in my cart. I was waiting patiently - perusing the tabloid covers. I take after my Gram in that I won't purchase those things but I love to read 'em.

Anyway, I was biding my time. A man came over and opened a register. He told me that he could help me. I looked at his name tag - Store Manager. OMG! The head honcho is checking my stuff out. I was quite impressed. He could run a cash register, knew what he was doing, and was more than pleasant. He was not rushed, but was efficient. I LOVED that!! He even told me to have a nice day.

And, I did.

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