Sunday, June 01, 2008

Best Friends

LLB and HP are best friends.
They enjoy each other's company and always have fun when they are together - whether it's an all day thing or a quick 30 seconds in the school hall.
Yesterday was opening night at Polo. We had crazy weather and decided to go at the last minute.
LLB was with us. HP's family was unable to come - they have a very busy day today and were getting things ready for that. While we were at polo, LLB asked to use my phone to call HP.
I handed it over.
The child had nobody to hang with and she was getting a little bored.
She spent an hour on the phone with him - she would have talked longer, but my battery was on its way out.
A little while later - we only had 2 chukkers left - the phone rang. It was HP.
I handed the phone over to LLB since I KNEW he didn't want to chat with me.
The next thing I knew, LLB was telling me HP was on his way. Less than 10 minutes later HP was standing in front of our table.
His father was coming up behind him.
It seems that HP wanted to be at polo with LLB. His dad told him that he would drive, but HP would have to pay the entrance fee out of his mowing money.
Only your very best friend would sacrifice a whole day of mowing to spend 30 minutes with you at polo.
LLB told me that is going to give HP half of the entrance money because it's only fair. Only your very best friend would give you half her birthday money to spend 30 minutes with you at polo.
And really - that's what best friends are all about...

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