Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Does your receiver rattle?

Mine does - a lot!

Mr. has hang up issues. As in the receiver misses the tabby when he attempts to hang it up and then sails to the floor with a resounding bonk... rattle rattle.

My receiver has been dropped so often that it sounds like a baby's rattle. It makes so much noise that I've been asked if there is rice in my receiver.

Nope... just broken bits of phone.

That said, Mr. decided that he could put up with a new fangled phone that doesn't have an old fashioned chrome cradle. He assured me that he could and would be careful. (I am NOT holding my breath.)

I love that vintage rotary dial. It's just not going to work for me. I dial way too many numbers in a day to go back to rotary... I also couldn't justify the price.

I'm off to Wallyworld to see what they have. I think I'll be settling for a cheapo white phone with caller id and a couple of memory buttons.

I just hope it has a decent ringer and an old fashioned receiver...

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