Monday, June 02, 2008


For a new phone.
Our wall phone's receiver fell one time too many. It has been on it's way out for quite some time, but that last plummet to the floor put it over the edge...

So - now I need a new phone.

I'd like a red one. Yes - I'm a little nuts.

I'd like an old fashioned kitchen phone - with the chrome hooks that hold the receiver. I want a receiver that fits between my chin/ear and shoulder without causing a permanent crick in my neck.

I may be asking too much.

I found a red vintage phone on line. It is perfect except for one thing (besides the price) - it's a rotary dial. I'm not sure my phone service can handle that. I'm not sure I can go back to that...

I also found a red touch tone phone. The receiver is perfect, BUT the hooks are plastic, and it has no caller id.

I can get the 25 foot cord on both of those.

There are vintage replicas out there, but the quality lacks. I will not sacrifice quality with my kitchen phone. It's my only connection to a couple of dear friends who don't use the internet like the rest of us. I need to be able to chat...

My current phone works, it's just really really loud in my ear. I can put the receiver on the counter and still hear the person at the other end. I think I'll put up with it a little longer until I find something that's just right.

If you find my perfect phone, let me know, k?

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