Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Win!

Last week I placed a Border's book order for store pickup.
I ordered a hardcover book for the kids to have signed by the author at school on last Thursday. The book was due in on Thursday at the latest.
I had an email confirmation from Borders. It said that the book would be in on time or it would be free. I arrived at the store on Tuesday - I figured it might be early and I was in town anyway.
They forgot to order the book.
Are you kidding? Excuse me... I need this book for the author to sign.
They tell me that they can get the book to me by Friday.
Oh - that's so helpful since the author is coming THURSDAY!!
I say okay...
Then the lady tells me that she will give me free shipping and a 20% discount. Ummm NOT. I show her my email confirmation that says if the book isn't here on time, I get it free.
She's not happy, but she orders it for me for free.
The book arrived on Friday - it was a soft cover book... I was steaming!
Yesterday, I was feeling particularly snitty... It was my birthday and heck, I can do what I want, right? I really wanted my hard cover edition of this foolish book - I certainly hope it is worth all this effort!!
I emailed the Borders store and then I called their national customer service number.
Guess what?
I received a call from the store manager.
There was a mixup. He is very sorry.
My hardcover book is here. And yes, it is free. I can pick it up tomorrow.
I ask him if he would like the soft cover book back, as I don't really need it.
He tells me I can keep it.
So, my friends... I Win!

Oh - wanna know the title? The Revealers by Doug Wilhelm
I'll let you know if it's good...


Just D said...

Yes ma'am, you did win! And honestly? Kudos to you for sticking up for yourself! Hope you are proud of yourself...and let us know if it's a good book! I bet if you write the author with the story, he'll send an autograph.

Renee Nefe said...

Not so happy with Borders myself...and I didn't get any free books.
For our LLL conference we ordered a bunch of very expensive text books and they waited until it was entirely too late to order the books from anyone else to tell us that they could not get them... so we had no books to sell. We lost a ton of money on that. GRRR

So glad that you got the free books from them. They should train their staff better.

Katherine said...

You go!! I hate when people don't live up to the barest expectations - like simply doing their job! Happy Birthday, too!

Anonymous said...

I hope it's good because it would certainly suck if the book wasn't worth all of that trouble.

Chaotic Mom said...

Oh, my goodness! This is a GREAT story! Hope the book is good, too! ;)

Jane said...

Good for you! You have to stand up for yourself. Too many times businesses think they can just do whatever they want and we will take it. Well, you showed them!

Frances D said...

Yay you, I hang in there too.
Enjoy your book and birthday.

Melzie said...

Good for you! As I was reading I knew you woudl have yoru ducks in a row. You aren't like my husband, and just let it slide. You go girl!! :) If the book is great give the other as a Christmas gift to someone you know who will love it! And HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! I never get to check blogs during the week anymore- so I am sorry to be late.