Friday, October 27, 2006


We had our church handbell choir rehearsal last night. Mr. Bug returned to the table after about 2.5 years away - having not rung one single note in that time. He did absolutely great! He rang a bell assignment he had never rung before and his skills blew me away. (I'm a darned good teacher - thankyouverymuch!!). He sight read with no probems. His technique was terrific. He even remembered what all those funny little signs meant! He plucked, he martellatoed, he rang, he damped. He was great! He had fun - he told me so!

I had to stay a little late to ring with the choir, so Mr. Bug went home. The director said that he was terrific. She said that it was so nice to have someone show up and know how and what to ring when. That made me smile. When I told Mr. Bug, he smiled, too. Congrats, Mr. Bug! You are a musician again!! Welcome back to the table, my man!! I'm so glad to have you ring with me again... although, this time it's way more fun, because I'm not the director!!

The other day, I was driving down the street in our tiny town after dropping the children off at school. I was following a school bus which was following another school bus. The front bus was picking up children. As a courtesy, the bus in front of me put on her yellow flashers to let us know that we were stopping. When we started to move again, she must have pushed the wrong button because her red lights went on and the stop sign came out of the side of the bus. Do you have any idea what that does to the people coming up the other side of the street? They don't know if they should stop or go. They each came to a screeching halt as she approached. It was pretty funny. One guy driving a dump truck started screaming and flailing his arms. She didn't notice. People were so confused!! They were looking at me after she went by and I was simply shrugging and smiling and following... Somehow the bus driver eventually figured out that her red lights were on - by that time I was laughing so hard I was almost crying. I guess you had to be there...


marylou said...

I can picture it! I can see it!
Hmmmm, what would I have done?
Stop, I guess...but the big question and where to stop if the bus keeps moving. It get funnier the more I visualize that school bus coming at me with a big red stop sign :-)

Katherine said...

How nice that Mr. Bug can still ring your bell. :) :)

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

So glad that Mr. Bug is back "ringing" along with you..How fun. I always enjoy hearing the bells play...
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog...BUT it is not over with yet...still have the kids tonight and tomorrow yet...still going here full force...not able to rest yet...I am pooped..Sandy