Friday, August 10, 2018


Mr says our front yard looks like a lunar landing zone. Actually, it’s more of a mud bowl.
But, the trees are down and the danger of a tree limb or a tree crashing down on someone driving up the driveway or mowing the lawn is eliminated.
I like the way the front yard opens up as you drive up the driveway now. It’s brighter...
The deer, on the other hand were very confused as they made their way on their rounds last night. The pile of logs, the mud, and the lack of brush (where there was brush earlier in the morning) was not what they expected. It was pretty funny to watch!
Yesterday was the first day with no rain in quite a while. We don’t have to fix the garden, empty the pool, or clean up any debris. So, today we hope to hang out by the pool, finish up some laundry, and generally relax.

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