Tuesday, August 21, 2018


We've had a lot of things happen at the Crossing lately.
We had 7 trees taken down - the ash borer beetle had a feast and killed our trees. It was an expensive endeavor, but it needed to be done for the safety of anyone coming and going on the driveway. The yard is a giant mud bowl and there is yet more rain in the forecast.
We had a blocked pipe that had to be unblocked. Our plumber came to the rescue!
We took apart the shelving unit in #1’s room and stored that in the attic.
We replaced lawn tractor blades.
I’ve been crocheting up a storm getting ready for Christmas.
On top of all of that, LLB is being transferred to Pittsburgh temporarily and captain America is headed to field training. Being apart is difficult at best, but the added stressors are starting to take a toll. We can only hope they come together, figure things out, and get through it.
So, basically, things are busy here.

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