Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things About LadyBug's Week

1. Sunday - Volunteered at library. Cleaned house. Did laundry. Packed LLB's suitcase for 5th grade overnight.

2. Helped #1 Son with math. I hate math. I hate 7th grade math...

3. Monday - Got children off to school. Volunteered at 5th grade field day. Had lunch with a friend.

4. Picked children up from school. Helped 1 Son with math. Have I mentioned how much I hate math?

5. Picked up house. Did more laundry. Tried to catch up with scrapbook - gave up when I realized that I wasn't going to make it. Put scrapping stuff away - that took quite a long time...

6. Cleaned house top to bottom because new A/C is being installed on Wednesday when I'm away.

7. 11pm realized that I haven't packed for 5th grade overnight. Packed suitcase.

8. Tuesday - Dropped #1 Son at school. Spoke with drama teacher about kids cast party on Thursday.

9. 5th grade overnight at 4-H camp. Lovely camp. Everything is UP HILL! Not just up... straight up. Made note to self: Get back to Jazzercise to strengthen thighs and butt.

10. Leave overnight. Get Mr. Bug at airport. Drop him at home. Return to overnight.

11. Wednesday - check on #1 Son and Mr. Bug to see how cyst removal is going. All is well. 2pm - arrive home from overnight. Do laundry. Hug #1 Son. Give him advil and antibiotic. Help #1 Son with homework -- yup, you guessed it -- math! Mr. Bug handled the hard ones!!

12. Mail out ebay items sold. Send another email about Drama Club cast party today. Speak with A/C installer. Check out drywall installation. Find and save bird's nest from addition kitchen.

13. Thursday - Take #1 Son to 8am ortho appointment. Do more laundry. Get hot dogs and such for cast party. Contact builder regarding a couple of things for house. Get LLB's things for ballet. Get LLB from school and take her to middle school so I can volunteer at cast party. Take LLB to ballet. Bell rehearsal after ballet. Watch CSI and have a beer.

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YellowRose said...

Girl you have been busy! You deserve more than one beer! LOL

Happy Thursday, My TT is up!

Lazy Daisy said...

No wonder your hip has been hurting. You are in my prayers as usual. Rest up girlfriend...I got tired just reading the list! My TT is up.

Susan said...

You are so busy...everytime I visit you're off somewhere else with someone or something!!! I thought I was busy!!

My TT is up here.

Carmen said...

You had a busy week. Take a breather!

Jane said...

Girl, sit down and take a breath, you just about wore me out!!!!! (Good old southern response!).
Enjoy CSI and the beer!
My list is up.

Anonymous said...

You've been a busy LadyBug!!!

Did I mention that you're FABULOUS??? Well, you are!

Unknown said...

You've been a very busy Mom! Hope you have a very realaxing weekend.
Thanks for visting my TT. Congratulations on the "Fabulous" award!

Wendy aka Cheeky said...

Ahh a mother's work is never done.....

Great list - I played too

Anonymous said...