Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Memory

We were at Hershey.
The kids were still very damp.
LLB was particularly snitty - it seems she doesn't like to walk around in wet jeans.
Nothing anyone said to her was going to make her happy.
HP came over to me and said, "What did I do?"
"But, she's mad at me and I don't know why."
"It's a girl thing."
"It's a girl thing. Ignore her. Give her 20 minutes and she'll be fine."
He turns and walks away in thought/confusion.
The thought bubble over his head read, "I don't get it. They're all nuts!"

We went off to the buses to change clothes.
After LLB had dry pants on, she turned back into the sweet thing she usually is.
"Mom, I'm really sorry I was in such a bad mood. I just couldn't stand wearing wet jeans."
"You really should apologize to HP."
"Oh. Yeah. I really was pissy."
She turns to HP who is across the aisle and says, "HP. I'm sorry."
She grins at him.
He grins back.
He glances over at me. I smile. I nod. (As if to say, "See..."
He gives me a slight nod back.
All is, once again, right with the world.
Life is good. Life is very good.


Melli said...

Okay... I gotta side with LLB this time! Wet jeans are MISERY!!! And they chaffe too! I'm so glad you had dry clothes for her! I wish HP had had dry clothes too... poor kid! Wet clothes AND a pissy LLB! ;)

Dixie said...

Oh yeah, she's all girl!

Susan said...

Ewwww...I hate wet jeans. I love the fact that you gave that boy a lesson in "female". Toooo funny.

:-) Susan

Clearlykels said...

Mommy's know what's up!

Anonymous said...

Wet jeans make me VERY cranky too.

I've never heard the word 'snitty'. I love that! I'm stealing it and it's going to be my new word ;-)