Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sickies and Slides on Saturday

It seems like it's been so long since Thursday.

LLB stayed home from school sick yesterday. I thought she had strep - she had all the symptoms, but the doctor said no. I thought she'd be back to her normal bubbly self this morning. Alas, she is not. Her tummy hurts and she looks really crappy. I don't do sick children! I like my children healthy, happy, and driving me crazy...

Needless to say, LLB will not be at her ballet rehearsal this afternoon unless she makes an amazing recovery. She's currently curled up on the couch with her cat and her dog watching cartoons.

#1 had a banner day yesterday - he went to Kings Dominion for the 8th grade field trip. They were studying the physics of roller coasters - yeah, right... (I'm so glad they told me I couldn't go. It was cold and it showered all day.) He rode almost all the coasters, had a great time, and learned nothing. It was the perfect field trip!! He rode some really scary rides. I think it was best I wasn't there to watch.

I am almost finished creating the powerpoint slide show for the middle school band. Their concert is Wednesday. I have about 290 slides. The show will run while the kids are playing. (When my sister was younger, her high school band teacher did this sort of thing. It was such a sweet gesture. And, it so nice to see what the kids were up to all year. The teacher included pictures from when they were elementary instrumental students.) I only have pictures from last year and a few from when #1 was a 6th grader. I will have the whole thing down by the time LLB is an 8th grader.

Do you think parents would want to purchase a copy of my oh so wonderful slide show? I was thinking a $5 or $10 donation to the band gets you a copy. I know that I would want a copy. (I wish I had a copy of Auntie's from when she was younger.)

Since I have had such a great time creating this slide show, I think I'll have to get myself a new digital camera. I have a 35mm film camera, but I've spent a blasted fortune in film processing this spring... I think a new camera will cost a pretty penny, but I think I'll save the cost of the camera in film processing the first year. :-)

I have a Canon rebel. I think I'll go for the Canon rebel digital. I can use the lens I have and just purchase the body. Well, then I can get a bigger lens. It's all about the closeups, you know...

Well, I've rambled on and on... I know you are all waiting for pix of the makeover. I'll try to take some pictures today and get them up over the weekend.


Susan said...

I do a slide show for your fifth grade every year and every year they want to buy it. They do for $5 each. So, yes, I think they'll want it.

Hope your daughter is on the healing end of the sickness.


:-) Susan

Anonymous said...

That is such a GREAT idea! I would absolutely pay up to $15 for the slide show! You must be the best ladybuggy mommy out there ;-)

Hope LLB is feeling better soon!

Jane said...

I think parents would pay for the video too! Go for it.
Have a great weekend.

Shortie said...

Awww my people, including myself, are sick too! Blah.

And now my dear it's nearly summer, we shall meet. One weekend just us, what do you think??? Lunch???

Kim said...

awww! You're such a sweet mom!

Dixie said...

Hope LLB is feeling better by now.

I would charge at least $10 for a copy of the slide show!

I have a Canon Rebel 35mm too. I want the digital one also. I hate spending that much on getting photos developed.

Clearlykels said...

I hope LLB is better. She is having a rough year with being a sickie. Also, I am jelous of your camera. They have the canon rebel digital at Costco.