Saturday, August 21, 2010

He wants to be a Rat!

We were at Virginia Military Institute this week for #1's interview with Admissions and AROTC.  (We can only assume it all went well.)

The campus is small and gorgeous.
The buildings are impressive.
The people - wow! They are phenomenal. Everyone we met was amazing. They are proud of their school and all that it has to offer. 
We stopped in to the music department and met with Col. B. He is wonderful!! He is excited about his program, his kids, and his school. He told us all about the opportunities available and the fun things they do - including a trip to Hawaii next year when #1 is a freshman!!  (I wonder if they need chaperones...) Needless to say, #1 (and LLB) were ready to sign on the dotted line right then. 
We saw kids preparing for the Rat Line - Freshmen with fresh hair cuts reciting the honor code and more. They were already preparing for next week - Hell Week - when they learn how tough they aren't.  It's all part of the game... As #1 said, "Mom, it's all a mind game. If you decide it will be fun, it will be. They will kick our butts, but we will be better for it. " He's right, you know.

He came away from the day more sure than ever that he wants to be a Rat. He absolutely loves it there. He tells me he finds it homey... (The barracks? homey? okay...)
Upon arrival at home, he went out for a run, did 65 sit-ups in a minute, did 9 pull ups, and completed about 100 push ups. He is motivated. (Of course seeing all of those kids in great shape certainly helped motivate him in the right direction... let's just hope he keeps it up.)
The VMI application can be filled out on September 1. I can guarantee you that he will have it filled out and submitted before dark.
His only question - which branch of the armed services will come through and pay for it... He really wants Navy, but Army and Air Force have some pretty decent benefits, too. Only time will tell... I certainly hope someone comes through with a scholarship!

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Renee Nefe said...

such an exciting time. Hopefully he'll have everyone competing for his signature. :D

Good luck!