Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's what day?

Well, it's been busy around here.
I've been working on getting some renovations on the docket for our high school music wing. We've only had 3 coats of paint since 1963. The back wall of the auditorium is crumbling and needs to be repaired before it falls away.  The wing itself is not handicapped accessible. They have broken fixtures in the bathrooms. The spotlight in the auditorium is undersized and the light doesn't even reach the stage. The electrical outlets in the orchestra pit spark when you plug anything in to them. The list goes on.  It's Fine Arts' turn to get, you know?
In the mean time, it's marching season. We've done competitions all over the state and although it's been really really fun, the parents are getting tired. (Riding in school buses got really old really quick - like way back in September.) We've got one more parade, two more competitions, and three more football games before the first weekend in November.  (Hey, is that all?)
Homecoming is this weekend and we've got tons of fun things going this week.  It's Spirit Week - this means that they need to dress up in different outfits every day. They did Around the World day on Monday, Wild West day yesterday, and today is Wacky Wednesday.   Today I just watched them walk out the door in outfits they would have put together to wear to pre-school.  It wasn't pretty...
Speaking of Homecoming they have a parade and a game on Friday, and a dance on Saturday. LLB has a date to the dance with a very nice young man - a trumpet player who moved here from out west.  He and LLB have a lot of things in common including their instrument, their love of marching band, and their favorite food (spaghetti with sauce and cheese).  FYI: LLB's dress is adorable. She's got cute shoes and the perfect necklace and earrings to go with it. (Fear not, I will take a picture or 50 and be sure to share with you.) #1 has a date with a lovely young lady who is active in Theater. They've been friends since middle school when they were in a play together. 
Homecoming is quite an event around here. The kids have made reservations for a group of 16 to have dinner at one of the local eateries before they head off to the dance. These kids know how to make a time of it, that's for sure!

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