Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Spin and Go Mop

I got a Spin and Go Mop to review.
I will tell you it was quite late in arriving, so my floors - which I'd waited to wash specifically for this mop - were filthy. As in disgustingly filthy. As in my husband was wondering if I'd lost my mind filthy.
I took the mop and bucket out of the box.  (I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures, so the picture from the Spin and Go website will have to do this time...)
The bucket has a "salad spinner" at one end that works when you press the lever with your foot.
The mop handle screws together and is very sturdy.
The mop head clicks into the handle with the press of your foot. You don't even have to touch it! I love that!
I filled the bucket with hot water. (I have hardwood floors, so I use very little soap if any.)
I dunked the microfiber mop head into the water and swished.
Then, I took it out of the water and put it into the basket. I pressed it down to the notches, held the handle gently, and pushed the foot pedal. I'll be darned if that thing didn't spin that mop head to the perfect wet/not too wet/not too dry consistency.  I'm very fussy about the wetness of my mop because all of my floors are hardwood.  Did you notice that my hands did not touch the mop head at all?? Yay!!
I drew the mop across the floor and saw - to my great relief - a clean streak!  Now, my floors were awful and I washed them twice because they were so awful.  I went through 4 buckets of water. That mop took every last little bit of grime off of my floors.  I did the kitchen, family room, and breakfast areas.  The whole thing took me 30 minutes tops.  The best part? I didn't have to touch the mop head at all. I could have washed the floor in my good clothes. I didn't get splashed. I didn't get wet. I didn't have wrinkly hands when I was finished.  You see, I usually wash my floors on my hands and knees. It usually takes me well over an hour to get done.  I did my floors twice and I did far more at one time than I normally do.  (I usually do the kitchen/breakfast nook one day and the rest another day.) 
The spin and go mop is my new favorite! I LOVE it. 
As a matter of fact, I'm going to wash my floors again, today!!  It's quick. It's easy. And best of all, it works! This is by far the best mop I've ever used!!

They say I can give one of these away.  You want one? Leave me a comment.

"This post was written for Family Review Network & Spin & Go who provided the complimentary product for review and giveaway in exchange for my honest review"


Renee Nefe said...

oooh I would love one! :D

I have one of those spray jet mop things but I don't like it cuz the cleaner leaves the floor sticky...meaning I have to clean it more often. :p

Pam said...

I'd love one of those mops!! I have one of those mops with the shamoi head, and when you twist the handle and the mop supposedly squeezes out the water. Ha! NOT!

Its horrible! Like you, I have hardwood in my house. But, I have linolium in my kitchen, and the mop never gets out the scuff marks on my kitchen floor. I have to get on my hands and knees with a "Magic Eraser" to remove the scuff marks.

Leanne said...

I'd LOVE a mop that works! I have three different kinds of swiffers and I'm sick of these diapers that spread dirt around. Blech. Can you get them to let you give away three of them?! ;P