Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Our high school's production of Hairspray is this weekend.  My #1 is Corny Collins. My LLB is in the orchestra -- we do live music for our spring musical :-)
I can't wait to see the costumes, the show, the kids, the props...
I was at school yesterday dropping off some stand lights -- I'll fill you in on that mess when I have a few more minutes -- and I saw all of our furniture used for props! #1's old book case was ready and waiting to be hauled on stage.... as was the telephone table.  It was hysterical to see Gram's couch up there on stage! I almost laughed out loud!!
So - if you need something to do this weekend or next - check out Hairspray!
Clap for my boy... clap for my girl... cheer for my furniture!


Renee Nefe said...

one of the biggest joys of doing CYT (the Christian theater group that dd is in) is seeing your stuff on the stage.
For this production I donated hubby's old "laundry hamper" that looks like an old time milk can. I should probably stay quiet when hubby sees it as they spray painted it silver (it was gold) and glued the top on. Maybe I should just let them keep it as we weren't using it.

marylou said...

We were happy to share, but please don't try to return it. We don't do"returns"!

Nicole said...

creepy about the furniture..