Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Birthday, America!

Today is the last day my #1 will be home and able to sleep in.  Today I will let him sleep because I am nice and because I know that every day for the next 25 days or so, he will be up early and in class. This little tidbit brings me great joy as this is payback for all of those years he was up at 6am without fail.

Later this morning Mr. will help chop the tree that fell at the church last night. He gets to use his chainsaw -- how manly!  #1 will finish packing his trunk. He has a few items that he needs to put in there like a fan, a bathing suit, and his running shoes. LLB hopes to spend the afternoon with HP playing video games and chatting it up. As for me, I hope to be sipping a mimosa and chomping popcorn with a dear friend while we watch the frogs hop around the puddle in the bottom of the pool. It's not exactly what we had envisioned -- sipping mimosas while floating around the pool on our noodles -- but it will do.

We head off to VMI tomorrow morning - bright and early.  Because we are good parents, we will haul his stuff in, help him find and purchase his required textbooks, have lunch, and wave goodbye.  He will have wanted us to leave as soon as we got his trunk up to his room!  We have a Parent Orientation which we are required to attend in the afternoon.  It will be a fun and informative day, I'm sure. :-)

On a separate note, the pool is due to be plastered tomorrow morning - beginning at 6:30. Let's hope that by the time we get home it is done and full of water.   I want to be dangling my feet in there tomorrow night.

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