Saturday, January 19, 2019

It’s a new year!

The renovation was complete shortly before Christmas. We got the furniture put back, the closet and pantry systems installed, and everything clean for the New Years Day Brunch. We gave house tours, drank mimosas, and celebrated with our friends and neighbors. Since it was such a hit, our thought is to have the New Years Brunch instead of the Christmas Party from now on. As time goes on , I’ll work on getting the pictures back on the walls, my yarn stash organized, and Mr’s train room ready for trains and track. We are truly blessed to be able to do this renovation and to have such a great team make it happen.
We’ve had some life changes around here as well. LLBs marriage didn’t work out. We are thankful that she is out and safe and that the Navy and her coworkers have been so supportive. There were a few things he pulled on his way out the door that we found reprehensible - for example: He threatened to take her cats, left her without a car, and accrued a significant debt on her credit card. LLB is strong and met each challenge head on. She protected her cats and herself. We scrambled, bought a new car for me, sold her mine, and figured out a way for her to pay off the debt and not suffer from bad credit. She has come out the other side, is back to her normal bubbly self, is happy to be starting over, and is looking forward to whatever joys life brings next. Again, we are incredibly thankful that she is safe and that my mother left us in a position to be able to help her.
I continue to direct my bell choirs, although I am more and more eager to get back behind the table and ring. I’m working hard to work myself out of a job and pass the baton to someone else. We are attending festival in Ocean City this spring, and I hope someone I bring with me is inspired to take over! Yeah... I’m not holding my breath.
Mini has adjusted to being back in familiar digs. She spends her time asleep on our bed, lounging on the couch in front of the fire, and looking out the back door. She loves to chase her mouse on a string, but just a few nights ago, she discovered the joy that is the “red dot”.  She hasn’t caught it yet, but you know, practice makes perfect!

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