Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Cruising into Christmas

 Wow! Time sure does fly. I can’t tell you have many times I thought to myself, “I should do a blog post”... and yet... here we are... mid-December! 

We had a busy fall. We got the bells out and fielded a combined choir - that was really fun! We played for a virtual service last week and it was fantastic! The church decided to try to have a pop-up market, so I thought I’d try to scramble and put a booth together. I did pretty well. I made the money back that it cost me to make everything, so I have no complaints! I made some table runners, mittens, masks, and hand lotion. Would I do it again? Ummm... maybe if it were closer to Christmas.

The tree is up. The presents have been ordered. Anything that’s here had been wrapped. Some gifts are in transit... let’s hope they get here... I ordered a bunch of special things before Thanksgiving... and here we are... still waiting. It is what it is. If they come, great... if not, I’ll wrap a picture. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. 

I wrote a Christmas letter this year. I’ll post it separately - because it gives me a quick and easy blog post! Hey - it’s called “Using Your Resources”! 🤣🤣

Today is the first snow of the season. Mr is upstairs working and Mini is here being a bother. She is wondering when I’m going to break down and give her some treats. (DYI: not happening. She is on a diet and so am I... no treats for anyone!). I’m currently sitting by the fire, enjoying a cup of tea, watching Tv, and typing away. Actually, I’m supposed to be practicing bell tree music for Christmas Eve. Instead, I’m procrastinating. In my defense, I’ve got most of it down, and I’m in the process of memorizing it. Since masks are currently required and my glasses often fog when I breathe, I need to KNOW the music just in case I can’t see it. “Covid problems!” 

LLB is is off skiing with friends this week. It’s so good to see her enjoying herself. She works hard, is very dedicated and responsible, and definitely deserves to play! I look forward to having her home for Christmas and hearing stories of her adventure. This fall she had both of her bathrooms remodeled. It became obvious that they just needed updating... so she bit the bullet and spent the money. They are updated, gorgeous, and fully functioning! All that’s left to update is the kitchen, and she will get to that after she saves up. 

#1 is deployed. He is handling it well but is currently back in quarantine because 2 people who work near him tested positive for the dreaded Covid.  He’s calling it Christmas in Quarantine 2020. I’m really glad I sent him a wee tree and a good book for Christmas! He was looking forward to the Christmas Eve services in camp, but will see them virtually instead. (He might even tune in to see our service and  me play if I remind him!) Yellow Rose is home with the dog keeping things running and doing it well. She is managing two studios and taking graduate classes. She is a go getter for sure!  We would have loved to have her here for Christmas, but she is spending it with her family - we completely understand, but we miss her anyway. Maybe we can have both of them here next year! 

So, I guess I’ve caught you up on life here at The Crossing. Life is good. We are so blessed! 

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