Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About Ballet This Weekend?

LLB had a ballet performance this weekend. Her studio doesn't do recitals. They do a full length ballet. Her teacher believes that if children are taking ballet, they should learn the stories and the music. I happen to agree, as this makes for a very well rounded student and the performances are far more entertaining.

This time it was Coppelia. LLB was terrific - if I do say so myself! She was relaxed. She smiled. She was graceful. I was amazed! Heck, her brother was amazed - he even leaned over and said to me, "Wow, Mom, she's good!"

Her favorite piece is called Prayer - I'm sure it has an Italian or French name, but the program is over with my scrapping stuff and I'm too lazy to go find it across the room. Anyway, the Prayer costume was a long, soft, white dress. LBB's comment was: I feel like I'm a cloud when I dance in this dress... I feel like I'm floating... ah... I love this... And off she dances. It was obvious how much she loved that piece by the way she danced it. She really did almost float...

There is one thing that most people don't realize. LLB doesn't "DO" little kids. If they are visiting at our house, she'll suck it up and deal. If she's at someone else's house and they have a younger sibling, she's fine. But given her druthers, she'd rather stick pins in her eyes than put up with anyone under the age of 4. That said, her ballet teacher decided to make her (and 3 other of the older girls who actually like little kids - probably because they all have younger siblings) help the tiny ballerinas on stage. We compare this exercise in futility to hearding cats. Tiny ballerinas are adorable, but they really don't have clue. They get out on stage in their costumes and all (okay all 5) of the dance steps they have learned exit their brains stage left. They stand there mesmorized - like deer in the headlights. They try to find their moms (who are all seated in the front rows like paparazzi). They wave. They really are quite cute... LLB tried desperately to get them to do what they had learned. She took her charges by the hand and led them around. She lined them up. She did the steps. It was the longest 2 minutes of her life! She survived.

The french braids - I suppose you want to know about those. Okay. I tried. I can't do french braids. I need lessons. I gave up and took her to the hair dresser on Friday. Then we sprayed them with hairspray - a ton of hairspray. Her hair was so stiff, you could knock on it and get sound. She slept in her braids on Friday night. We sprayed the whispy ends down on Saturday morning. She looked pretty darned good! One of the older girls re-did them for her for the Saturday night performance. I am going to practice this year, so that next time she needs french braids, I'm all set. :-)


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Just D said...

I don't do Monday memories, but I sure love yours! I don't do french braids either and I have 2 girls...I'm inept! The ballet sounds lovely - my Bear hated doing the performances so she quit, but I loved going and watching the older dancers who were so graceful. Kudos to llb for handling the tiny tots - hard!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Good Morning...My MM is up although it does not look good like I thought it would!! smile!! something happened with html and I finally gave up and said...well there it is anyway...Sounds like LLB had a great ballet especially if her brother liked it!! WOW that would be a great compliment I would say...have a great MOnday....

Lazy Daisy said...

I'm so glad you ended up with some graceful ladybugs. I loved your description of her being a cloud. Very nice memory indeed!

Anonymous said...

I'll show you french braids next week! Well, maybe i'll just show llb! Grandbugs mom showed me so must have skipped over you!

Katherine said...

I'm glad it went so well! LLB sounds like an "old soul", how cool. I'll check with my brother and see if he'll give you a phone consultation on how to do french braids, ha ha!

craziequeen said...

Damn! I missed the recital - damn these trans-atlantic friendships!

It sounds like Li'l LadyBug is a natural, Missee.

I adore kids shows, and have been to many. One of the more memorable was when the seven year old girl stood on stage and pointed at me yelling 'there's my R....!!' and then promptly got into a real fistfight with her best friend on stage and had to be separated.
Shame was - it was the nativity and they were the angels!! :-)

My MM is up.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

The Italian word for prayer is: "prayerito."

The French word for prayer is: "prayerdelieu."

You will thank me for this in the morning.

(Congratulations, kid, on wowing your sib.)

Norma said...

What a cute memory--and so fresh! I can just see her helping her little charges. I had French braids as a child--my mother could realign my eyebrows she was so good at it.

My MM is up.

Anonymous said...

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