Sunday, June 11, 2006

Retainer Blues....

#1 Son broke the first retainer a while back.
This morning, exactly 3 days after getting the new one, he can't find it. Why it isn't in his mouth, I don't know.
This child is going to be working for me all summer long. He will be mowing. He will be doing dishes. He will be folding laundry.
Ahh.. the sweet scent of child labor...

UPDATE: Retainer FOUND!! Mr. Bug and #1 Son returned to the State Park we were at yesterday. They rifled through the trash and...Tah Dah!! There it was. Wrapped up in the meatball sub wrapper.

#1 Son has learned a very valuable lesson - EAT with the retainer IN the mouth.



craziequeen said...

Alternative - a staple gun would probably come in useful :-)

Of course, one doesn't tell Son he is off the hook....what a waste of fine child labour that would be...



Katherine said...

Oh funny, I'm glad it was found. I would have never thought to look in the trash!

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