Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lots of Snow...

You don't realize how much snow is up there until you take some of it away. We have a roof rake - a relic from our New England days. I honestly never thought we'd ever use it here, but it sure came in handy. Mr. and #1 donned snow shoes - another relic we dug out - and scooped 2 feet of snow off the roof all the way around the house. This will ensure that we have no ice dams or roof problems.

The only issue they had while scooping the roof was staying out of the way of the falling snow. If you get too close, the snow comes off the roof and flies right down your jacket.. and snow is cold, you know?
The sun is baking the roof and the snow is melting... albeit slowly. The gutters are operating properly and life is good. Now if we could just get the driveway to cooperate, we'd be set... the driveway is still covered in 3-4 inches of snow and ice.


grambug said...

That's a "lotta" snow up there!
No self-respecting New Englander goes
anywhere without snowshoes and a roof rake....just in case!

Renee Nefe said...

I gotta get me a roof rake! We only have a few places where it would do any good, but I think those places could use it...we've already had gutter problems there.

Susan said...

My gosh...the things I am learning about snow from the blogging world! That's a THICK blanket on your roof.

Stay warm.

:-) Susan

Ellen said...

We Minnesotans just have a very steeply pitched roof - no snow. And we don't have gutters, just a "drip line" so no ice dams. Generally, we just hunker down and put on sweaters.

James hasn't missed a day of school due to snow yet this year.

But, we do have problems with the snow plows covering up all the street drains with snow/ice so when things start to melt, we have to go out and dig out the drains so the puddles can drain.

I could hide a body out there right now and it wouldn't turn up until April.