Sunday, February 07, 2010

Satellite Dishes

Should be mounted on the ground...
I climbed the ladder to the roof today to uncover our TV satellite dish - Actually I did it twice (once to our TV dish and once to Gram and Grandpa's TV dish).
The snow is 3 feet deep out there and the ladder was in no way going to slide out from under me. As Mr. said, "If you fall off, it will be a soft landing and you'll be able make snow angels!" He's such a positive thinker!!
We still have no power - our generators continue to chug along. (They were worth every red cent we paid for them.) If we didn't have them, we'd be mighty cold right now. Gram and Grandpa have heat and our wood stove is keeping the house warm. We have hot water, TV, internet, microwave, and coffee. We have no complaints - except that we can't use the oven or the stove and once the sun goes down, it's mighty dark... The grill - which was a bit difficult to dig out - is cooking our beer can chicken for our candle-lit dinner which we will eat on paper plates.
It's all in how you look at it...
Life is good.


Renee Nefe said...

oooh I hope you get electricity back soon. burrr!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for your generators. I do hope you get your electricity back soon though.

Question, why is it mighty dark when the sun goes down, do the generators not power up lamps or lights?

Looks like you may be in for more snow in a day or so. Thanks for the pictures, it looks so pretty.