Monday, November 08, 2010

Mousing Around

I got a new mouse to try and one to give away!
It's called the ErgoMotion Laser Mouse by Smartfish.
I was skeptical. I use my computer and my mouse all the time. I don't do change well, but I thought I'd give this little guy at try. I've had shoulder pain and all kinds of wrist issues over the years, so... if I could find a mouse that helped me alleviate some of that, it would be great!
The ErgoMotion Laser Mouse is a mouse on a pedestal. It's a little larger than the mouse that came with my mac.  It rocks on the pedestal. The pedestal and the rocking motion are what make this mouse so incredibly comfortable.  It's the little things...
I really like this mouse.  It's far more comfortable to use. It's raised up just enough so that my shoulder doesn't ache after I use it.  It doesn't weigh much and it absolutely glides across the mouse pad - that surprised me -- I don't know why, but it did.
The mouse is very comfortable in my hand. I like the roller wheel on top much better than the ball in my other mouse.  It's just the right size and is in just the right place.
The only thing I'm not used to is the right click button. This is because I have a Mac and my right click buttons are on the side of my old mouse. (And, I never use them...)
I love this mouse. I'll be using it exclusively from now on.
My Mac mouse is currently set aside on my desk - I think I'll use it as a paperweight.

You can win an ErgoMotion Laser Mouse by leaving me a comment by Saturday. I'll be pulling names out of a hat. The Mouse will come directly from the manufacturer.  Remember, if you don't win this mouse, you can always ask Santa to bring you one.

This post was written for Family Review Network & ErgoMotion Laser Mouse who provided the complimentary product for review & giveaway in exchange for my honest opinions.


Renee Nefe said...

i might have to get another computer to go with it. LOL!

Native American Momma said...

very interesting I'll have to look into this as i also have should and wrist issues

t and v said...

Would love to win one of those. Looks like it would be a big help for days when I have to use the computer more than my arm and shoulder would like.