Thursday, February 03, 2011


Today I was going to go back to bed and sleep.
Instead, I decided that I was out of time and I have to get all the tax information ready for the Taxman.
Since that job doesn't excited me one iota, I'm writing here... Okay, I'm procrastinating.

Today's schedule is pretty bizarre...
I need to be at school for 10:45 to sell chocolate lollipops for Valentine's Day...
I need to be back at school for 2:30 to get LLB and get her some dinner before I have to have her back at school for 4:00 to catch the shuttle to District Band.
I need to return to school at 9:45 to fetch her from the District Band shuttle.
I'm not sure how many times in between there I'll be returning home, but I can guarantee you that my car will need gas before the day is out.

I'd best get my tax info collected and in a folder so I can drop it off on my way.
Now doesn't that sound like a really fun way to start the day?
No - I don't think so either.

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