Friday, February 18, 2011


That's the sound of time passing...
We've had some great things happen this week.
#1 was chosen to play Corny Collins in the high school's musical, Hairspray! He is thrilled and the part is absolutely perfect for him.
LLB is off to University of South Carolina for an Honor Band thing. She arrived there yesterday. She called and told me that she definitely did not make the top band as she had the most dreadful audition ever. Do we care? Heck, no! She is there to learn and have fun.  (I just heard from her and it turns out that she got 2nd chair in the next band! Yippeee!  She is very pleased!)
She texted me later and told me that she had the most delicious dinner at the Japanese Steak House. Of course she did!  We told her that Mr. wanted the leftovers. Her response was, "LOL! I brought the leftovers home to have later tonight." That child can eat... I will say no more.

I had an adventure yesterday. I was on my way home from helping the Lions Club with their eye and ear screening at the high school. I had called Gram and asked her if she wanted a wrap from McDo. She said yes. Our local McDo is at a gas station - sounds gross, but the food is great!
I pulled into the drive thru lane, which is clearly marked on the pavement. The drive thru lane skirts the perimeter of the gas pumps and keeps things safe and orderly for the most part.  I was behind another car. As it crept up toward the ordering location, I crept up.
I saw a car driven by an older gentleman out of the corner of my eye. He came off the road and straight through the pumps. (I find this utterly uncool and extremely unsafe.) He wanted to scootch in front of me. There was nobody behind me. I pretended I didn't see him. I was NOT letting him in front of me. It was late. I was hungry. AND, he did not follow the drive thru lane... he tried to cheat. So I ignored him. He beeped at me and then yelled at me. I told him I was sorry - even though I really wasn't. He yelled some more. He threw his car in reverse and then screeched around me.
As I pulled up to get my food, I saw the man ordering at the counter. Just think... if he had pulled in behind me, he would have gotten his food at the exact same time...  Karma...

I have crocheted 4 hats! I knew you'd all be impressed. I'll take some pix this weekend and put them up with all those Disney pix I've promised...
Enjoy your Friday!

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Renee Nefe said...

Nice week! gotta love Karma