Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Pool

Is still empty and gray.
They did not show up to plaster it on Friday as promised.
Alas, patience is a virtue.

Yesterday I packed my #1's trunk for his first stint at VMI.
Spacebags are my friend and his. It's amazing how much one can stuff into a spacebag when one can only bring one trunk... His clothes and his comforter have been vacuum packed. He even had room in there for his lamp, his clock, his pillow - which I could probably have put in a spacebag, too -- and I still might.  All that's left to put in there are his flip flops, his running shoes, and is external drive. :-)  How he gets it all in there to come home is his problem.

As I was packing, I realized that I need to purchase him 2 more sets of towels - he only has 4 sets and they require a minimum of 6.  This will require a C*stco run, but that's not a huge deal and I like C*stco.

We haul him and his trunk to VMI on Tuesday. He is excited. He is nervous. He will be just fine, I'm sure. This first stint is similar to summer camp with homework. He is taking English Composition. He can write. He will excel. While he is there, he will be issued his combat boots and a pair of socks - he was already told that he had to break them in. In my minds eye I picture him dressed in plaid shorts and combat boots - that's attractive -- hahaha!!! :-)


Renee Nefe said...

when I went to FL to see my family, my mom brought a bunch of items she wanted to send home with me...things I was NOT expecting to have to pack and figure out how to get home. I almost took them to a post office. However I decided to try something...I took regular plastic grocery bags and packed my clothing in them and squished the air out...then tied them shut. This way I was able to find enough room for the 4 figurines and 4 towels she gave me! Now I'll always pack some extra grocery bags with me in case I need to make more room on the way home.

Mrs. Who said...

VMI??? Wow! Congratulations to your son!