Monday, September 05, 2011


I was asked to review this nifty little item: The Towligator.

It is AWESOME! It's absolutely brilliant!

Basically it's an alligator clip with a long bendable tail.  I use it to keep my towel on my chair. I clip the center of my towel in the clip and and then bend the tail over and hang it on my chair.  If the wind blows, my towel stays put. No more chasing my towel across the pool deck.  I also keep track of my swim goggles with Towligator. I clip my goggles in his mouth and loop his tail over the chair and they stay put. I always know where they are.  This has proven quite useful since we've had hurricane force winds come through here and sure enough... my goggles stayed on that chair -- no problem!

He works great at the beach, too! You can clip the corner of your towel in the Towligator's mouth and then band his tail over and shove it in the sand. Thus, your towel stays put even when it's windy!
Some people stick the tail in the sand and then put their cell phone or iPod in the Towligator's mouth to keep it from getting all sandy and dirty.

We love Towligator! He is cute, fun, and extremely useful.
I currently have one in the kitchen. He is holding my dishtowel with his tail looped over a drawer pull.  The drawer pull was too small for the dishtowel, but this works great!  I have my dishtowel where I need it and he is so cute, too. I've gotten many compliments on my Towligator!!

This is what they said:

Toweligators are a must have for every beach bag, boat, and pool deck! Don’t miss an opportunity to order this season’s most popular, most talked about innovation. The Toweligator is NOT only seen on TV!
Vacations and days by the pool are supposed to be relaxing and fun, not spent chasing your towel. No more dual role hair clips, tying knots, finding safety pins or constantly adjusting your towels. Let a team of Toweligators grip and fasten your towels right where you need them.
Originally designed to hold your beach towel securely in place, either in the sand or on your beach chair, its practical uses are endless. Use your imagination, then allow team gator to hold your glasses out of the sand and your snack bag sealed on YOUR towel.
The unique and well-researched design allows the bendable tail to attach almost anywhere to make it the most versatile and fun clamp on the market. The tail can bend around chair backs, closet rods, tree limbs, and boat decks making the Toweligator not just a beach clamp, but the everywhere clamp. The strong gator-grip jaws ensure your belongings stay where you put them. Take your Toweligators everywhere!
Buy'em for gifts, buy'em for vacations, or buy'em for laughs. Just buy'em!

I think this year, Towligator may find his way into some stockings around here at Christmas time. There are a gazillion uses for them and they are so unbelievably cute!

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign my Family Review Network on behalf of Towligator and received a complimentary product sample to help facilitate my review and to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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Mrs. Who said... might work in the bathroom, too. Might encourage the kiddos to actually hang their towels up when they're done!