Sunday, September 09, 2018

Hug your loved ones

We had a funeral to attend on Saturday for a young man who was 23. His family is keeping his cause of death a secret, but we assume is was either a drug overdose or suicide. His parents are devastated as are his grandparents and siblings. His friends were scattered around the room with their parents and significant others. Many of them were still in shock and are so sad that their friend is gone forever.
This kid had the best of everything growing up. He had cats, played soccer, took music lessons, went on family vacations, and was on a crew team. He came from a very close knit family that was so incredibly proud of him. He went to a college known for turning out highly successful people. He was an amazing musician who taught underprivileged children how to play the guitar. How could this terrific kid be so incredibly selfish as to do drugs or to take his own life? What could be so bad that he needed this horrific and permanent solution to a temporary problem... it just incredibly sad...
So - hug your children, each other, and your parents tight. Life is too short.

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