Monday, April 15, 2019


We have many blessings in our life including our little house here in the country. To celebrate the completion of the renovation we called our favorite priest and she came and blessed our house. We love our house and we enjoy sharing it with our friends and family - more so now that it is updated and not sporting 1986 carpet and bathrooms!
LLB has the blessing of a new home. It is perfect for her and we are so incredibly proud of her decision to purchase and put down some roots. She is moved in and had a housewarming party to celebrate. She has begun to make it her own - she painted her hall bath to cover up the horrendous chalkboard paint the previous owners thought was “all that”. She is saving her pennies to renovate the kitchen, put down hardwood floors, update the bathrooms, and make it completely hers.
#1 and Yellow Rose are currently stationed in Arizona for #1’s latest Army training. They will be there until August. They are hoping to purchase their first home at their next duty station - provided it is somewhere in the lower 48. They haven’t a clue where they will be next, but they are hoping it’s somewhere on the East Coast.

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