Sunday, April 28, 2019

Feeling shafted...

So when LLBs marriage fell apart, he insisted he have her car back. This left her without one even though she came with one and he had 2 others plus a motorcycle or two...
She returned the car, signed the paperwork, and promptly canceled the insurance. I sold her mine and purchased a new Toyota - I had no intention of purchasing a hew car the week before Christmas. You do what needs doing and you count your blessings when you are able to do it all that fast.
The car LLB was driving was taxed in a county in which I do not live and have never lived. The Ex-husband never turned in the appropriate paperwork, and a balance accrued. A $505.54 type balance. If he had done what he was supposed to do, the balance would have been ZERO! Somehow my registration got held up because LLB’s name was on it... What that has to do with me, I’ll never know. I sent a note to his parents asking them to take care of it and they refused. They told me she was driving that car and that she was responsible. I had no time to argue. I had no choice but to pay it.
Fast forward to today.
I’m still bitter.
They left her without wheels and with a debt he accrued.
They left me $505.54 poorer! Money doesn’t grow on trees out here in the boonies.
I’d like to send them a bill...
Mr says I need to let it go.
I feel like they shafted her and our family.
A family of attorneys... the kind that work for we the people...
I thought they had integrity... I guess not.

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