Friday, January 10, 2020

Christmas and beyond

Well, Christmas has come and gone and it was simply wonderful. All the children were home. #1 and Yellow Rose and flew in on Christmas Eve.  They came to church for the 9.  LLB arrived on Monday, so I got to spend some time with just her. She played her trumpet - beautifully, I might add - and I attempted to sing (in tune) in the choir. Mr was the usher - yep... we all had a job to do. We took our requisite family photos on the altar and then we went home.  We’ve never opened stockings on Christmas Eve before, because the service has always ended too late - as in midnight - but this May be a really nice new tradition.  We had mulled wine, snacks, and stockings. I’d do that again!
The next day Yellow Rose experienced a “real” Ladybug Crossing Christmas complete with presents, food, drink, and a new game! I guess Santa thought we were really good this year! We all got some really nice things. LLB got her sword and case (which we hung in her condo and seems to still be on the wall). #1 and Yellow Rose got many of their requested Amazon list items and a trusty check because there’s only so much room in a suitcase! Mr and I received a lot of really awesome things including an instapot from Auntie - which I used for the first time yesterday - and it was pretty awesome!
New Years Eve took the younger set to the city to celebrate. They went to a masquerade party and based on the stories, they had a fantastic time! They met up with old friends, made new friends, and danced all night long. We had a New Years Day brunch instead of our regular Christmas Party and the younger set made it to the party on time and in one piece.  My breakfast casserole was a hit with them, as they all devoured it. (I think it was a good cure for the proverbial hangover.) I’m glad I made 2! We had a house full of friends who brought lots of great food and conversation. It’s a nice way to start the year!
Now it’s January 10th and time marches on. I’m in the process of putting Christmas away. It always seems to take so much longer to pack it all up! I’ll get there...
This weekend it’s supposed to be warm and sunny - if you need us, we will be splitting wood. Because - wood stove!

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