Monday, June 07, 2021

The hard stuff

Is finished! 

We played bells on Sunday and welcomed our new priest and his family. It was a fantastic service. We learned about Jesus - not Washington DC! What a breath of fresh air! After the service we put all the bells and equipment away. Who knew that  all those years ago when my dad was teaching me how to pack a suitcase and a car that those Tetris skills would serve me so well in packing bell equipment into a tiny storage space! The bells are now packed away for the summer - except for the 4 I have here at home to learn my solo. (Which is memorized, thankyouverymuch!)

Yesterday afternoon was also the spring HOA meeting. Amazingly enough, it was only an hour long and was pretty standard. I’ve just finished typing up the minutes and they’ve been sent to the Board for approval. Go me! 

Next up - Sunshine’s wedding! Sunshine is LLB’s VMI Dyke (senior). She is marrying a wonderful man and we are so excited to be able to all be there to celebrate with her. We will meet Yellow Rose at the airport - which makes this even even more special. It’s been too long since we’ve seen her in person - especially with #1 gone doing Army things. We know she is strong and that her family is close, but we still worry and just want to hug her neck and see for ourselves. 

I’m prepping for my VMI Moms’ reunion in July. I’ve started an afgan to decorate with. Maybe I’ll give it away to the person who likes it most at the end of the weekend. We shall see. I’m getting my menu prepped and I’ve started the deep clean. I’m really looking forward to seeing all these ladies! 

Well, laundry awaits. I’d best get to it! 

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