Sunday, July 25, 2021

Porch progress and more

 It’s been a few busy days since I posted last. The porch is coming along. The floor is down, the posts have been faced and trimmed, the blocking for the swing is in, and the roof is unacceptable. Oh the roof… it’s silver… I hate it! It’s coming off and a darker shade is going on. The builder agreed. It’s just way too light. 

The pergola has been redone thanks to Jimmy Cunningham of Jimmy-Fix-It. The columns were replaced with posts, trimmed out, and the whole thing was painted black! I absolutely love it! 

My VMI Mom Reunion started as a big get together, but has shrunk to about 10. A super easy and manageable number. I’m still a bit put out because so many said they’d come and then backed out. The old, “I’ll put it on my calendar” back in May seemed to be a farce. I mean, if you don’t want to come, just say so. But that’s fine! We will have fun, take lots of pix, and the rest of them will wish they came. We spent the day yesterday getting the house and yard ready. This house is big and the yard is big. Ooo we were tired! I’ll wash the bathroom floors today and give the toilets a last swish on Friday. I’ll put up my banner, decorate my tables, and get this place gussied up - later in the week depending on the forecast. 

I rang my solo last week and it was great! No, I’m not signing up for another any time soon. You can see it here. I’m the prelude, so you don’t have to watch the whole service.

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