Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Pitter Patter of Critter Feet

The other day I thought I was seeing things. I found two little black mouse turds IN my house. I do NOT do mouse anything in my house. I searched a bit and didn’t see anything else. I focused on Mini. She also doesn’t do mouse in the house. She was sniffing and looking in “different” places. 

This morning I discovered more turds - this time by Mini’s bowl. I did some more searching and found a location that had been frequented by this wee critter. I promptly cleaned it all up and placed a sticky trap. Then I did some more searching and some more cleaning. 

I had to run to church, so my cleaning and sticky trap placing was put on hold for an hour or so. Upon my arrival at home, I wanted to clean and place the last trap. Mr told me that the critter probably wasn’t going to go there because there’s no food, but there is a cat box in that room. I said, no… I think we have the trap, and I want to place it. 

Not even 3 minutes after placing the trap we had our prey! I’ve left the other traps in place just in case there’s more than one critter pitter pattering around. 

Mom - 1

Mouse - 0

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