Tuesday, January 04, 2022


Yesterday we had our first snow of the winter. It was heavy and wet and simply lovely - if you didn’t have to go out in it. 

We also had our first snowblower catastrophe of the season - this time it’s a chunk of wood caught in the impeller. 🙄 We will let it dry and then attempt to whack it out of there…hopefully before the next snow that is due here on Friday. Note: it happened after the driveway was done! Woo! 

We had a bell rehearsal last night in town for our community group because we have a concert this Saturday. It was so much fun to get back to it! Mr and I are singing as well. The soprano, who is simply wonderful, won’t be with us this coming weekend. 😳 That leaves me on my own… I did ok! The DOM at Emmanuel will be singing with us this weekend, so I feel much more confident. The bell group was very supportive and told me that I did really well… I guess I can sort of sing! Who knew?! 

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