Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things Ladybug is Thinking About Today

1. The school year has started off with a bang - both children are doing well.

2. #1 is on a block schedule and is getting his first report card on Monday.

3. I am working on a handbell festival.

4. I had to get 8 teachers.

5. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, the festival is the same weekend as the music educators conference. This happens every year...

6. I'm taking my school choir to this festival. I can only hope they will be able to play some of the music by the time we get there.

7. Why is it that children decide - at 9:15pm - that they need a poster (to advertise Friday's dance) made for tomorrow morning?

8. Angel caught a rodent. It is on the back deck. I'm so proud of her! Mr. holds the house record for rodent chucking.

10. #1 has his first band competition this weekend. I hope they are ready.

11. The worst they can do is 3rd place.

12. I spent the yesterday morning putting band uniforms together. We had just gotten them back from the cleaners.

13. Now, it seems that I can't be counted as a chaperone because LLB is coming with us on Saturday. So - I guess I get another year off. Gee... that's too bad, huh?

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